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A flurry of notes are posted about the new change. (Includes some from 1/20/04 too.)

Mordith: New restrictions
Mon Jan 19 18:10:16 2004
To: all
The god+ staff has done some awesome things lately to make the mud more fun for everyone.
However, I am sorry to say that these new restrictions are the most ridiculous thing i have ever
seen or heard of happening.

I have only just discovered 2 of the differences, and already it seems a little over the edge.
I can only assume this is aimed at people trying to log on and quickly get to a destination to try
and pk someone, or to limit people "scouting" with other characters for targets.

Could it be coded so that if you have these restrictions only if you have had another one of your
characters online within an hour or so of each other?
Everyone knows the most opportune time to engage in a pk is logging on, typing who, and
running after your target before they know you are online. These new limitations just take the mud
1 step closer to NO PK. Because we all no that it was way to hard to escape a pk before, now we have
an extra 15 minutes for people to see you online and get to a saferoom. This also pretty much screws
your chances of logging on and getting mobile before you have people waiting in your hometown if you
live in a town that is not very accesible. Bottomline, I cannot see anything good about this new code.

Craige: Re: Mordith
Mon Jan 19 19:03:47 2004
To: all
I am in complete agreement
If it can be coded so this only happens to ppl logging on diff chars within an hour or so,
that'd be fine. What I dont understand is this:
If it is known that ppl are logging in one char, scouting, then logging on another, etc
then punish those ppl
If it isnt known.....ummm......then why was it done?
I dont see how this is going to do much of anything except force ppl to guildsit for the
first 15 mins of their login. And as mordith said, it simply gives the ppl that are online
time to set up shop on someones hometown. If pking is not wanted, simply remove it from the game.
There is no reason to slowly keep changing the code to give it a gradual death
Things were seeming up here for a bit, until this.
I encourage everyone else who is unhappy with this recent change to voice their opinions

Craige the Destroyer, Grand Sentinel of the Conclave
Rand: Re: Craige
Mon Jan 19 20:01:01 2004
To: all
Just because something is "known" to be going on, does not mean it can be proven.
The new code simply stops any abuse of this type of thing. Logging on one char and
loggin in as another is not the only way to get info on someone.
It is also possible to call someone, or use a out of mud chat service to tell people
the who what and where.

Rand al'Thor

(I dont like the code either, but not because it is bad, i dont like it because it is necessary.)
Shawn: Re: Craige and Mordith
Mon Jan 19 20:02:13 2004
To: all
I defenately agree.

Gyro: Changes
Mon Jan 19 20:41:25 2004
To: all
First off let me say I don't care for the changes. That said, they are needed.
Rand is right, there are things that can be known but not proven
Thanks to networks and what not, people can claim to be anything, and it
makes it impossible to log specific computers. The only solution is for all
players be required to give the God+'s a list of all their characters.
With this master list the God+'s could log who is walking over char sep. But,
at the same time, that itself is a far out means. It is easy to say that is
getting a bit to close to a Big Brother type enviroment over the game.
Unless the MUD as a community of players can aggree to submit all their alts
in writing, then these changes must stay. It will take adjustment, but so did
damage cap and rift tone down. Players may leave, but TFC has always survived.
As a game there are rules, and when these rules are bended, in order to preserve
fairness these rules must be enforced.
People do "scout", check who, or just call up all their friends in a second, and
because of a very few I'm sure we must all pay that price.
That is how things work, when the minority cannot be punished directly, all must suffer.
Fair? No. Reasonable. Yes.
Thank you.
Lins: New restrictions
Mon Jan 19 20:57:12 2004
To: all
This is too silly for words.
I agree with Mordith and Craige.
I basically only play Lins.
I'm ordained, whenever I *DO* want to kill someone I had better to do it fast.
No that I PK much, but this takes away every opportunity that I would actually have....
What Mordith suggests sounds fine to me.
Or at least take out no vortex.

Grale: New Restrictions
Mon Jan 19 23:13:15 2004
To: all
I agree completely with what Mordith said. The new restrictions
are much more onerous for those of us who tend to play in short
sessions, as well... a lot less of my online time is useful now
that I am effectively confined to safe for my first fifteen minutes
or whatever the time limits are.

Grale, General of Lore
Defenders of the Sun
Lanfear: New Restrictions
Tue Jan 20 00:49:26 2004
To: all
I have no words for these wonnnnderfull new restrictions!
I completely agree with Mordith, Craige, Lins, Grale etc etc.
I thought this was a PK mud..?
I thought I could log in for 20 minutes and do something funny
I thought? ..I thought!.. I agreed with Mordith?? WHAT was I thinking!!?? :P

I suggest the one who conjured up these new and wonderfull restrictions
sits down for a card game for 20 minutes.. and all you are allowed to do
the first 15 minutes is shuffle the deck of cards

my 2 cents
Lanny, who had nothing better to do for 15 mins then write this crummy note.
Mandrake: New Restrictions
Tue Jan 20 02:29:40 2004
To: all
I agree with what's been said so far.
If we have to live with these restrictions, reduce them to something reasonable, like 2 minutes.
I often like to come online for around half an hour or so, and that would
reduce my playing time by around 50%
Also think of the people who want to log on and exp for 1/2 an hour,
now they can't reach those nice exp
zones any more, thus reducing the time they can effectively play.
bottom line, you are discouraging people from playing this mud with
this 15 minute restriction.
apologies for the choppiness- telnet :)
Noctus: Changes.
Tue Jan 20 03:23:15 2004
To: all
I understand some changes had to be made to create a fair environment.
Personally I think the time set right now is a bit long, but still that's just
personal judgement. I do however fail to understand why the ability to vortex is
removed for an amount of time. This not only limits the joy people have in playing
TFC, but it also limits the ability to help newbies by doing CRs and helping them dual.
Besides it discriminates Clerics. Since they now have only one way to leave their hometown
Which makes them predictable and thus easier PK targets
Other magic casters have spells like teleport/portal/necroport that allows them
to leave guild/their hometown and travel to the other continent
This could be solved by replacing Sanctify by some sort of transportation spell.
So basically I think it's good that changes were made, but they might be just a
bit too harsh.

Greetings Noctus, Chosen Blade of Fate
Wisteria: Another vote against
Tue Jan 20 04:23:41 2004
To: all
I don't know what all the changes are, but the vortex restriction
is, simply put, stupid. There is no way to run around quickly
stocking up on essentials like recalls, food, or other items,
and no reasonable way to get to XP zones. (You have to get
somewhere to wizmark it before you can portal there, after all.)

This will also discourage online activity (especially for
those who have boring things like jobs or lectures to deal
with), and it will encourage people to prefer offline
methods for keeping in touch, like IM, rather than talking to
other MUD chars on the MUD, as intended.

I propose a simple IP-based restriction for multiple chars.

If there still is abuse after that, perhaps some further action
might be warranted. But this seems to create a far bigger
problem than it's intended to solve. It spoils the fun not
only for char sep abusers, but for everyone. And that, surely,
cannot have been the intention.

Wisteria Lynx
Dundrave: the working player and the new changes
Tue Jan 20 06:16:33 2004
To: all
I play from work - 15minute restrictions make is very very very hard for me to play
anymore, because the average length of my breaks is about 20 minutes.... seems a
silly argument but I cannot play in this environment.
because by the time the 15min is up I have to log off.
Boromir: version 3.129 changes
Tue Jan 20 09:41:47 2004
To: all
After some consideration, I agree with Noctus that the 15 minute waiting period to vortex is toolong
Perhaps 5 minutes is a better waiting period before vortexing is allowed
Yes, you can walk anywhere on NC is about 12-15 minutes if youre hometown is on NC
and the same for SC if youre hometown is there
however if you are trying to do a CR and need to get from NC to SC without the vortex
its going to be longer to do the CR especially if you encounter the tempest and/or shark
in your transit of the ocean

Rincewind: changes
Tue Jan 20 11:37:24 2004
To: all
All the changes were needed except the vortex rule, is it possible to have a
15 minute restriction on everything else and only a 5 minute restriction on vtex?
Is it wise to vote on this, or is that too much to ask? After all the mud is for
the players right, so doesn't that make our opinions somewhat valuable?

Iolan: "Where's the Challenge?"
Tue Jan 20 22:00:02 2004
To: all
Well I hate to be another voice in the long list of Gripe, but uhh,
there has got to be another way to do this. In my history at TFC, I'd
say a good quarter of my kills (at least) were made within the first fifteen
minutes. My guess is that this is true for most of those who actively pk.
Further, this more or less limits you to the guild for 15 minutes. Not
everyone plays for several hours at a time. This seriously hurts those quick in
quick out folk.

Also, as far as scouting is concerned, that has always been an issue, but
consider the amount of pking done today compared to several years back.
Even given the pbase at half of what it use to be, I doubt a quarter of the
killing goes on. Why? Because of the many restrictions to pking. This is
as big, if not bigger, than any of the prior restrictions. Please consider an
alternative to this restriction. PvP(PK) is why I play, and have always played
TFC. I like grouping with people and xping, etc. But in the end it's the
PvP environment that keeps me around. I just started playing again,
and already I'm wondering whether I want to keep playing. I'm not saying
this to incite people. This is simply the truth of how I feel, and I think
a lot of other people feel the same way as I do. This is a fun game, and
I just don't want to see myself asking "Where's the Challenge?"
Dakkon: changes
Tue Jan 20 22:08:35 2004
To: all
I've learned more about the mud in the last 15 minutes than I have in the
last 5 years. While the changes are inconvienent, they do force you to learn
the mud :)

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