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Natilena: an extermination!
Wed Jun 2 22:04:22 2004
To: all
Since everyone is so scared of the big bad monsters .... how about we
see how many little creepy crawly things we can pick off instead!

Bring me proof (bag steak seeds basket) of the death of as many of the
creepy crawly things as you can.

Creepy crawlies are: spiders, rodents, insects, snakes, bunnies, you
show me what needs to be exterminated!

Only one type of each crawly (judged by the name on the proof) feel free
to get creative but your reasoning will be judged on creativity of why
you think the thing is a creepy crawly. (and it'd better be good!)

.... and about the locusts....

Well they annoy me most of all. Bring me just its antennae and as many
as you can, I want them GONE!

Prizes for individuals only, prize groups for effective levels 1 - 15,
16 - 30 and 31 - 50.

Quest begins now and finishes 8pm mud time Saturday. You may turn in at
any time but you can only turn in once.

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