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Molo: Conclave Pacts with Hunt
Wed Dec 8 10:58:43 2004
To: all

Members of the Conclave have always been permitted to make
agreements individually as long as they honored them.

This comes along with being a member of a lawful following.

Breaking those pacts has always required prior notice.

Today, Katrana broke one of those pacts with a member of
the Conclave without notice.

Because of this action. All pacts between Katrana's Hunt and
the Conclave are now voided. In addition, until further notice -
Conclave members will not group or assist members of Katrana's
Hunt in any manner.

The lesser goddess Katrana is a heretic of the Nashite faith,
having betrayed her faith as a mortal and now betraying her
word as an immortal.

Molo the Arch-Lich
Master of the Black Conclave of Nashite

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