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Bliss: Chocolate crumbs and smudges
Sat Aug 28 22:42:57 2004
To: all
I can remember the day it happened, so clearly.
The Vampyre Lord sneaking into my temple, creeping through the shadows.
He later told me I had a smudge of chocolate on my neck.
I felt just a slight prick. Darkness fell upon me and I descended
into shadows. Into the Void. I heard only His voice.
He apologized for what had happened, but only time could heal me.

Then, one day, such a strong sensation overcame me. Chocolate?
Yes! It was indeed chocolate ... its sweet aroma filled the Void.
I awoke to nothingness and shadows, but peeked into the realm.
I gasped at the glorious sight of chocolate crumbs and smudges!
Everywhere but the Void. I knew then where I belonged.

Before I left, I snooped around and found a shadowy desk in a corner.
I wanted to leave my host a note, letting him know I had arisen.
Instead of parchment however, I found this:

Golem Wars 2004 Manual

I return to you now, with the Manual in my hands,
as well as a journal containing blue prints for new areas.
Please prepare yourselves for Golem Wars 2004,
pests, quests, chocolate, and ... ME!

Under a full, ashen moon, I embrace you once again.

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