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Natilena: The Bunny Quest Results
Tue Aug 24 16:35:20 2004
To: all
And the winners, in first place. Kethran and Mistyfier!
Second place goes to Themis, Wisteria and Valo.
Lastly, a tie in 3rd place between Bophal/Locke and the team of Wish/Aargh/Maynard (i'll decide
what to do about that shortly)

More details will be posted to the forums shortly.
And the winners are....
1st prize. Kethran and Mistyfier. Fated Folk. They had both the best time to complete and manged to get all the keys/messages/tokens.

2nd prize. Themis/Wisteria/Valo. Conclave Brown Ale. They got all but one key. I think Themis was ready to throttle that White Rabbit.

3rd prize. Bophal/Locke. Team Bophlocke. AND Aargh/Wish/Maynard. Who were both missing 2 keys.

A few notable mentions along the way. Valgar and Dart got really close to 3rd place but had a few problems with I think it was a dragon and some misplaced keys along the way. Erian from Team Naked Dancing Elf had to have been about the cutest item turn in. Oh and Aargh who managed to get PK'd actually standing in my office. *ponder*

MANY thanks go to some helpers, I appreciate their assistance! Cordir for writing the Haiku poems that made the messages (and by default picked the warren locations) and for a few of the jokes told by the bunnies. Kerriariadne for coming up with a large number of the stranger comments made by the bunnies. Tokugawa for all the annoying little area changes I got him to make who now has to put them all back again *grin*. Lastly to one Dusty Lich who made up my Bunny Wrecking Crew and made the largest Bunny sacrifice in the realms history.

And because I was asked so much. Some answers:

the messages decoded:
The Hurricane's scream / The whisper of Dark water / Sounds to make you flee. The Floor of N'Kai Area: The Caverns of N'Kai
Ghosts and Spirits here / No soft nest in which to hide / Bunnies seek this isle. A Desolate Passage in the Dying Lands Area: Tier Sh'Halen
Their big fat feet beware / Dash quickly to the gardens / The bees don't mind us. Bee Hive Area: Skor'lanis
Strange bugs, so wicked / Less nice than cousin ferret / The elves don't mind us. The Wicked Overgrown Garden Area: Elven Homestead
Seek out gardens ripe / Outrun gophers for your food / Beware the farmers. A Pumpkin Patch Area: Kuroth
Shudde-M'ell of G'harne / Should he smell us in the earth / Gulp us in one bite. Dark smelly tunnels Area: Plains of the North

the White Rabbit questions:
What do Jeanettes eyes contain? Fire and/or passion
Who was the 2nd mortal to reach eff 50th? Jaator
What is Mistress Ardant's position? Caretaker
Who's magic is from faith not sorcery? Neris
Who was Albrecht the last priest of? the Silver Lady
Who tells you to look for work as a mushroom picker? ancient dwarven adventurer (just adventurer)

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