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Bliss: Ok...So
Sat Sep 11 14:13:12 2004
To: all

... Khore apparently has been downing twelve-packs of Red Bull lately,
judging by His activity rank and admission to TAG. I also noticed quite
a bit of activity in His glorious Bat Cave the last few days. I thought
nothing of it until I went looking for the Golem Wars Manual early yesterday....
Well, guess what? I found an empty can of Red Bull and no manual! I stormed
over to the Cave and screamed at a dozing Khore. He clearly had too much
to drink and mumbled something that sounded like, "wanting to help you...
manual...too many luscious little time."

It seems like the Manual..yes THE in the possession of one of
possibly thousands of "blood donors" wandering the realm as I speak.
You MUST find it! I am offering a great reward to the person(s) who find it first.
Khore also noticed many of his trinkets and books have turned up missing.
You have until Wednesday, Sept. 15th at 10 p.m. mudtime to find the Manual
and as many trinkets and drops of blood as you can find.
Bliss: OH yea! The Rules and stuff
Sat Sep 11 14:18:28 2004
To: all
First: BEWARE! Not all blood donors are created equal. Some may be frail
and wimpy, others formidable opponents. Approach them with caution.

droplets of blood - 1 pt. each
jewels and other oddities - 2 pts. each
various books/manuals - 5 pts. each
THE Golem Wars Manual - 100 pts.

You may make teams consisting of no more than 2 persons. There will be
prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Regardless of total points, there will
be a Grand Prize for the person/team to hand me the Golem Wars Manual, in
addition to any other prize awarded to that team.

There will be only 1 turn-in allowed for items. Choose your time carefully!
Quest ends at 10 p.m. mud time Sept. 15th. Tell me all team names at that time.
Only items on the blood donors count, don't try to sneak in other items!

You may find it necessary to bribe or hire others to assist you. Good luck!

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