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Bliss: A Coven Thank You
Wed Apr 21 20:17:25 2004
To: all

With an ashen moon overhead, the tide's ebb calls unto the Coven.
The moons of a distant realm beckon us to join them, and so it is time.
To our allies, the Chosen of Fate and the Dark, you have stood by our
side for many years, through peace and turmoil, ever steadfast and true.
You have our eternal gratitude and allegiance. You have our respect.
To our Implementor, you have done, and continue to do, an outstanding
job. We appreciate all of your hard work and effort, and thank you
for allowing the Coven to make its home here for so many years.
To the Gods, we thank you for your hardwork as well, helping to
make TFC the best realm ever. There is no equal.
To our friends, thank you for standing by our side, offering support
and aid when needed. We will never forget you.
To our enemies, thank you for the battles and the hunts, whether
it was we who were the targets or the pursuers. We appreciate
your sportsmanship, and admire those of you that perservered
and remained true to your faith and ideals.
To all in the realm, best of luck in your endeavors, and have fun!

Bliss and the Coven of the Ashen Moon
Bliss: My Goodbyes
Wed Apr 21 20:52:31 2004
To: all

I'll miss you Tynian, and all the times you made me laugh, although I think
sometimes you didn't mean to be funny :O You know I'll keep pestering you
in the afterlife.
I'll miss you Khore, because ... well ... you're Khore, and will always have
a place in my heart ... and neck. *ziploc*
I'll miss you Tokugawa and Tamar, and all the times I annoyed you to no
end. I know you'll miss me and my stubborness too!
I'll miss you, my Immortal friends and allies, Cordir, Kerriariadne, Majere,
and Vorax. You've always been there for me, and I've loved our chats, spanning
what...4 years?! And no, I still can't cook, so stop giving me recipes.
I'll miss you, my former Attendants, Clue, Kim, Zarous, Triston, Whitehawk,
and Rhina, and all the horror and shock you experienced on ftell. Thank you
for putting up with us and being such good sports :)
Bliss: More Goodbyes (yes this is like BlissPoll notes going on forever)
Wed Apr 21 21:01:49 2004
To: all

I'll miss you Mael, you have always been a superb leader within the Coven
you have my utmost respect and admiration. And, thanks for adding "har"
to Coven vocabulary :P
I'll miss you Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (aka Vex, Zip, and Lins),
my three wonderful Ordaineds, allowing me to torment you with title
changes so many times. Vex, my Inquisitor, you've been a rock, standing
by me over the years, no matter my whim. You've grown so much and I'm
so very proud to retire with you as my last Ordained. Zip, my Enchantress,
you worked so hard as a single mage getting to level 30 ordained - I'm so
proud of your accomplishments! You'll always be my little Witchling.
Lins, Lins, Lins... Guardian, Dullahan, SuperGnome, I'm proud that you were
my Ordained even if you drove me insane sometimes :P I'll miss you and your
adventures... remember your bright idea to clear masters, leaving me with 1 mana,
dead bodies everywhere, and you still stuck in the room with the Master of Magic
and the Lady?!
I'll miss you Judge and Novis, the last of my Ordaineds before the OM change.
I'm so proud of both of you and your accomplishments, although I know you
hated the expnext and my nagging to level :P "exp!" And, thanks for keeping me sane :)
I'll miss you, my bratpack of Elders, Alucard, Azeworai, Merkderk, Rubicant,
Tiberius, Uriel, Zeks. You shocked the hell out of ftell, freaked me out, and had
some of the best battles and adventures the realm has known. Don't let Tiberius
sing any songs, or Azeworai point you to any websites....
I'll miss you, my newest Elders, Mylk and Straezan, always the gentelecow and
gentleman. I'm proud of you both, not just for your accomplishments but for being
such calming influences, except when Mylk messed with people's info triggers :P
Bliss: Ok, Even More Goodbyes!
Wed Apr 21 21:09:53 2004
To: all

I'll miss you, though I can't possibly name you all for fear of being lynched by the Note Gods,
here's a few: Arianas, Abirandad, Agralebean, Azuroth, Blasphemy, Darkclaw, Dax, Dingbat,
Doc, Ecnelis, Erian, Goor, Guartwog, Gunner, Heere, Humphrey, Ire, Izual, Kaagor, Kaltar,
Kemian, Kollen, Lestat, Lucretia, Nicholai, Pendrell, Phantasm, Rand, Sabella, Sakyra, Saroth,
Striker, Sylt, Trell, Xixxo, and Zaku. Each and every one of you is special to me. Good luck in
your futures, I will be watching proudly from afar.
I'll miss you, my Darkling adoptees, you have been so strong with the departure of Kerriariadne.
Even though my time has come, too soon for you I know, you all have a place in my heart. The
Booga and I have faith that you will continue to thrive.
To Neodis, thanks for working so hard on the Coven website and graphs and pictures.
You put your heart and soul into this following and even if some people *cough* Dax
got annoyed, you still will be missed by me.
I wish you all the best, stay true to your ideals, but most of all have fun!
Rand: Taking my leave.
Wed Apr 21 20:18:07 2004
To: all

In light of Bliss' retirement I have decided to leave as well. I simply no longer have the will to
play anymore and its time for me to go. All of my characters past and present will obviously be
joining me in this.


I have played all of alignments and every stance on pk, from the extreme pacifist, to the
sociopathic killer in my time here. Through my multiple characters I have fought beside and
against most of you at one time or another. It has been fun and I'm sorry it has to end. However
the game I signed into and the game im playing now are no longer the same. The comradery and
fellowship is gone and with it most of the fun I had being here. So its time for me to bow out and
leave the show to others more suited to this atmosphere.

Goodbye, good luck.

Jyllix: Too short of time
Wed Apr 21 20:18:08 2004
To: all
The Ironwolves have grown and can no longer be kept amongst the realm in
which we have dwelled for so long. Too short is the term I can use to
express my stay here on The Final Challenge. Many challenges have arisen
before me and tested me; I have seen all that there is to see, done all
there is to be done, and now it is my time to move onto new scenery and
new friends. I will not forget the enemies I have fought nor the quests
I have participated in, all of my fellow followers and close allies, as
well as all the gods who have guided me especially the Lady Bliss.

Be true to your auras, and choose the aura that suits you, because the
only person you will be fooling is yourself. Have faith in the gods of
the realm, they will not steer you wrong, as I can attest for myself.
Although I may find my way into other realms of sorts, none will I ever
be able to call my home because it is here, where I first started. A
part of me will never leave this place, and my heart will always belong
to Lexie. Take care TFC, I shall never return.



Vex Ironwolf, Inquisitor of the Ashen Moon &

Rubicant: Im gone
Thu Apr 22 00:49:23 2004
To: all
Well I think its about time I get out of here, ive played here since 95 and its time I go
Ive come a long way since my fire days made alot of friends and lost alot of them as well.
I wanna thank Bliss, you were a awsome goddess as well as one of the few I could trust
you were somebody I could count on even though you always freaked out and ended
up healing me 3 times when I was at max hp but its ok hehehe.
I think your the only female mud player I respected in my whole history and that says alot
Anyhow ill miss ya.
Vex... You were somebody I could trust as well as a friend I could count on.
I dunno how else to put it, We hurt alot of people thats for sure
you kicked ass in a serious way and left a mark on the mud nobody can touch.

Azeworai, your the man period, since getting drunk with ya down in Tucson ill never
question ya skills again. You drank belial under the table and cracked me up on ftell
The way ya used to make fun of neodis was funny hehe btw you were also one of the few
people I could trust

Khore, You were like the only immortal I actualy liked! well besides Bliss of course
but still you were always a cool guy with me even if ya did die to Pyros in ya mortal li
fe its ok by me hehe

Lins.... bleh people from Europe should be banned from Tfc, JK I think we killed ramona and
baird like 500 times I had fun with ya man. Oh yeah yer political views were crazy too
and gave me a reason to laugh at europe, Lins you were also somebody I trusted god knows why!

Tamar/Toku I never really liked you at all but I respected you so uhhh yeah
Novis, yer a cool dood dont smoke too much weed and kill somebody for me
hrm hrm hrm, Everyone else in Coven you know who you are and ill miss you
Oh democritus, you were another I trusted wish ya could be on more and help me rock some ppl
Oh well.. hehe

as for my enemies I guess yer safe for now so uhhh go out and be blue
Oh I bet that gets boring fast and ya end up making red chars so whatever
Tyn, I didnt know ya much at all nothing really to say except thanks for
making a place where we could all play, I appreciated it.

Kerri/Cordir, Honorable allys the both of you
Molo... heh, now lets see.... I fought you since I was created I never had played a nashite
So I guess you were a good enemy I learned alot fighting yer boys, ill miss fighting
maldo/qithlorien and orpik too yes orpik. Oh yeah hehehe your post about Lorna in the
orange jumpsuit still makes us laugh today hehe
Rubicant (Yes my only char and yes ive played on 56k all this time ={ )
Well One last goodbye, from Tucson
azuroth (typo above)
Percivle (traitor)

Was fun making you all flee, Rub
Valin: Well.....
Fri Apr 23 09:17:29 2004
To: all
Well, goodbye to all those people who are leaving. Everyone has reasons I suppose
Good luck Bliss, ive known you on here for ages it seems. Take care....and to my Tucson peoples I'll see ya around.
Im comming out on leave soon, so keep the beer cold.
As for TFC....whats going to happen now? All these Immortals retiring at once....I guess we will just find out.

Valin watches his Roses of Fire grown on the Ashen Moon wither and die.
Tiberius: Bliss
Sat Apr 24 23:13:27 2004
To: all
Love ya Blisspie (aka snuggleface). If you come back, i'll be here waiting.

Tibby:) (aka Tibulicious!)

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