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Orpik: Black Conclave Registration Requirement for all Individual Pacts
Tue Nov 2 15:18:57 2004
To: all
All members of the Black conclave have the right to create individual pacts. The High
Council, Inner circle, and the Lich have the right and the need to be informed of the
alliances which individuals in the conclave have entered into. Without this information the
High Council cannot make informed combat orders and decisions (nor can the rest of the
conclave). In the case of a broken or disputed pact, the Inner Circle without such pact
disclosures would be forced to determine what the terms of agreements were or if they
ever actually existed based solely upon the words of the interested parties, and the Lich
is less able to accurately enforce such undisclosed pacts. Finally, hidden pacts have a
high potential for causing problems and injustices to members of the Conclave who are
unaware of the split loyalties of a co-member.
As a result, Pacts involving members of the Black Conclave must be registered at, including the material terms of the pacts (parties involved,
duration, the promises each party is making, and the remedies for breach of the pact).
Effect of failure to register pact:
It will be presumed, that no pact exists with a member of the Black Conclave and another
player if it is not registered. This presumption will be rebuttable, however, the aggrieved
party has no reason for not making sure his pact has been appropriately registered and
should do so.
Every member of the Conclave must abide by his word, regardless of whether the pact is
registered and failure to do so will result in punishment.
Failure to register a pact which HARMS the Conclave or has the POTENTIAL to harm the
Conclave will result in punishment proportional to the harm or potential harm.
Effect on former Pacts:
All former pacts by ANY member of the Black Conclave will be considered null as of
December 1st, unless renewed at
To register pacts, members of the conclave need only to post a board note with all of the
required information. It will then be posted on the forums by authorized individuals.

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