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Azeworai: me
Thu Jul 8 17:46:05 2004
To: all

I am still Azeworai
I keep my same friends and allys
those who still wish to be my friends and allys may do so
i will not change who they are, They will change who they are
if you wish to fight me or trade combat then do so i have no regrets
i cannot go good for my eq, i will not go nutured coz i love vamp touch
i did not go hunt, i went clave, throut tfc history clave has been a constant i repsect that
i did not go clave coz they got valgar and keths corpses i asked about joinin a month befor allthis
evil is where i had to go, i needed someone to help watch my back i needed brotherhood
where i couldnt get it in blue coz my set, it was to hard changin out...
cause my one restring that i will hopefully hold untill my leave
that is the last will of coven, i still hold tru bliss shale always be here till end of time thru me
now i hold Title of Master Rogue of the Black Conclave
i am still the same Azeworai
Praise Lord Nash!
thank you and please no replys just tells or pm's

Azeworai, Master Rogue of the Black Conclave

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