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(located at port 4000)

(this log's from wylin's point of view, and has been edited)
Tynian has restored you.


Shaido gossips (in common), 'gratz'.
Solaron gossips (in common), 'Congrats Wylin.'.

Longshanks gossips (in common), 'Gratz Wylin!!'.

Lysanthir gossips (in common), 'Woho!'.

Shaido gossips (in common), 'he crashed it '.

Onixeph gossips (in common), 'Gratz!'.

Rolland gossips (in common), '*Beer Wylin*'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'Congratulations Wylin!'.

Cordir gossips, 'Congratulations, Wylin, upon your Ascension to Demi.'.

You gossip, 'Thank you!'.

Onixeph tells you, ':)'.

Malek gossips (in common), 'Congradulations Wylin'.

14 players.
Hel [ Ma:18 Ra:15 Th: 9 ] Rolland, Traveling Sage of the FoLK.
Hel [    Cl:19 Ra:15    ] Raeden the Fridge...
Elf [       Ra: 7       ] Zero the Spacey One
Dwa [       Sh: 7       ] Onixeph the Dwarf
Hum [    Triat Weaver   ] Cordir, Lady of Fate, oathed to the Stormreaver
Hum [    Wa:24 Cl:30    ] SEraph When Love and Death Embrace
Hum [    Greater God    ] Tokugawa.
Min [    Wa:30 Ma:30    ] Zakarious Popcorn, Ids, Enchants and more!
Elf [    Ma:26 Wa:30    ] Shaido, Silent Stalker of the Wyld Hunt
Hum [       Ma: 3       ] Longshanks the Boy
Dwa [      Demigod      ] Wylin beers you, even in the dark!
Elf [   Wyld's Avatar   ] Solaron, Arcane Dawnbringer of Mayhem.   (Evil!)
Hum [       Cl: 2       ] Malek the Boy
Elf [ Ma:26 Wa:24 Th: 9 ] Lysanthir Tsarran, Painfully Abrasive by Nature

title Leader of the Enforcers

It is noon on Jawiliea the 10th, the month of Apathy,
in the year 2615.

TFC started up at Sun Sep 28 08:42:21 2003
The system time is Sun Sep 28 08:50:55 2003

who wylin
Dwa [      Demigod      ] [NG][       ] Wylin Leader of the Enforcers

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