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Wisteria: My neutrality (rather long)
Mon Oct 20 11:55:05 2003
To: All since the Lady Cordir saw fit to cast aspersions in public
(Sorry for the mismatched post earlier)

I don't normally discuss these issues in a public forum, but since my actions
were discussed and my integrity (and by implication that of the Defenders)
was questioned in public, allow me to explain my actions and my principles.
I write this in my own capacity, however, and don't claim to speak for the

I discovered that a passing acquaintance, whom I knew and trusted through his
association with friends of ours, needed something. I also happened to know that
I could obtain some of the things he wanted from someone else who likewise seemed
worthy of trust. This struck me as an ideal - and innocent - opportunity for some
profitable trade.

My own criteria of association are entirely neutral. I trade with, ID for,
assist, ask help of, or group with anyone other than those I have reason to
distrust. I obviously distrust those who for their own inscrutable reasons call
themselves our enemies, such as that impetuous group known as the Ash Moon Coven,
the Dark followers of Lord Kerriariadne and the blatantly unprincipled Clan of
the Rose. I do not distrust members of Fate, or those of the Wyld Hunt, for
neither has to date given us reason to doubt their integrity or trustworthiness.

Let me just clear up some things. I did not trade "on behalf of" anyone, however
it may appear. I exploited a serendipitous opportunity to trade for my own
account. I had not been aware of Kethran's refusal to sell to certain parties,
and did not expect such a bias as self-evident from a neutral following. Even if
I had, I was not aware that the trade restrictions by which he abides would
become binding on me, once the item became lawfully mine. Either way, none of
this came up in our conversation, and I certainly did not agree to be bound by
any conditions, so there was no question of deception or dishonesty on my part.

But rather surprisingly, Lady Cordir chose to condemn my actions and label me as
such in public. Anyone who knows me will be as surprised as I am by this
description of me. I now know that the Chosen of Fate are explicitly allied with
exactly those followings who for some reason consider themselves our enemies.
And the same odd quadrangle - Coven-Dark-Rose-Fate - happens to consider the
Wyld Hunt their sworn enemies. Well, that clears up that strange bias.

A tricker question follows in the next note.
Wisteria: My neutrality (part II)
Mon Oct 20 11:55:26 2003
To: All

The trickier question is whether one neutral following should command another on
matters of trade? I would think not. Fate's choice of alliances and enemies are
not anyone else's business, as they frequently make clear.

I consider neither the Wyld Hunt nor Fate enemies, and would hope they return
the favour. I will gladly trade with them, as I will trade with anyone else who
does not consider us enemies, has done nothing to be eclipsed by the Sun, and who
accepts my indifference to their politics, customs and alliances.

If I agree to be bound by a condition of sale, I will be true to my word, within
reason. I would certainly not have offered Kethran the price I did if "not for
resale" was a clear condition of sale. Such conditions make little sense anyway,
because the origin and provenance of any item is quickly forgotten or obscured by
time. But I think I can safely speak for all Defenders of the Sun when I say we
consider our word our bond, out of our respect for Lord Tiax. If I have not given
such an agreement, however, and I have paid the full purchase price, I consider
myself the full and rightful owner. My money is at least as good as that of the
Chosen's allies. If my word is not good enough, or we cannot agree on terms and
conditions, then don't trade with me.

I achieved my own purposes without fear or favour, as my neutrality demands. I
intended neither harm nor offence, but am certainly not going to apologise if I
caused any as a result of the allegiances and prejudices of another following.
I'm certainly not prepared to allow others to dictate the terms of my own
neutrality, or limit who I may or may not associate with. We have enough enemies
without the help of Fate. I certainly do not believe that such a policy merits
the slanderous and hurtful description "deception and dishonesty". I find it sad
that such a judgement comes from an immortal who should know better than most
anyone the implications, limitations and reality of the neutral way.

Wisteria Lynx, Sergeant Confidante of the Defenders of the Sun

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