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who Wish
Elf [ Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Wish, Foul Sepiod of the Black Conclave

Wish gossips (in common), 'wooo hoo!!'.

Someone gossips, 'Congratulations Wish!'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'cheers to me!!'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'BTW, its my RL birthday'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'i timed it right!'.
Lanfear gossips (in common), 'GRATZ ON 50!!!!!!'.
Ephiny gossips (in common), 'Happy B day!'.
Floyd gossips (in elven), 'happy birfday'.
Wish gossips (in common), '*bow* thanks'.

It is 1am on Rishanae the 28th, the month of the Great Harvest,
in the year 2589.

TFC started up at Mon Apr 21 07:29:03 2003
The system time is Thu Apr 24 11:06:52 2003

20 players.
Hum [    Cl: 4 Wa:11    ] Rincewind StarBreeze, Knight of the Rose.
Elf [    Th:16 Ma:16    ] Phantasm Anei, Wanre Faeruk d'lil Veldrin
Elf [      Huntsman     ] Solaron, Mayor of Solaronville.   (Evil!/Hunt/Kat)
Ogr [       Wa:20       ] Draco: Wanre Saruk d'lil Veldrin
Min [ Th:27 Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Charles: Thanks For All The Fish.
Elf [    Cl: 8 Ra:13    ] Hetsri, Monk of the Rose
Hel [    Ma:19 Ra:15    ] Ambrose Dayhin (Terra Tel) Chosen of Fate
Hum [ Th:20 Wa:26 Ma:25 ] Fistandan.
Hum [       Sh:20       ] Jynx, atheistic hunter of Beef!  **pinkUA!**
Dwa [      Khayamu      ] Ink Panther, the Swarf.      -=WarD=-
Hel [ Or: 4 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Ephiny: Clothed or not, I know I'm hot. -Hunt-
Elf [   Caillagh Dhan   ] Lanfear, Chosen Mistress of Magic.       *Fate*
Hum [       Ra: 1       ] Kingballa the Boy
Elf [ Th:30 Wa:30 Ma:30 ] Wish, Foul Sepiod of the Black Conclave
Hum [    Cl:13 Wa:10    ] Malakian on the hunt for eq
Elf [    Wa:12 Ma:15    ] Serene: Obey Your Lust.              +-Sin-+
Hum [    Ma:13 Ra:12    ] Xzanadin The Counterfeit God  CC  Wisdom
Hum [    Sh: 7 Ra: 9    ] Barry, Initiate of the Black Conclave.
Hel [    Ma:29 Ra:30    ] Gdelf, the dark at the end of the tunnel..
Hum [    Ra:12 Ma:15    ] Floyd.

Ephiny gossips (in common), 'Congratulations, on your Ascension to full Mortalhood!'.
Ephiny gossips (in common), 'Now, for Godhood!'.
Wish gossips (in common), ' will be a while'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'eww, my str went to 5000'.
Wish gossips (in common), '500'.
Wish shouts (in common), 'PRAISE LORD NASH!!!'.

Wish shouts (in common), 'HAIL THE ARCH LICH!! LEADER OF ALL FOUL SEPIODS!!'.
Barry shouts (in common), 'PRAISE LORD NASH!!!'.

Lanfear shouts (in common), 'Hail lord Nah!'.
Lanfear shouts (in common), 'sssss'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'yeah, no more having to eat or drink'.

Lanfear gossips (in common), 'WHAT do Sepiods eat anyway?'.
Xzanadin gossips (in common), 'can i get a cure in recall'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'other sepiods if we can find them'.

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