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Whoz: Well... my time has come
Mon Nov 24 17:21:12 2003
To: all
Well, after three years or so, I've decided to quit TFC whilst
I'm mostly "on top". I've very much enjoyed my time playing
The Final Challenge. The company has been fun, and for much
of the time, it's actually been that: a challenge.

Before I leave, I'd like to thank a few people. Firstly,
Tynian, for his great efforts in making the best MUD I ever
played. Secondly, Khore for some amazing quests, great writing
and some of the funniest ever posts on the forums. Thirdly,
Robert, who has been my primary FLI for these past three years
and was instrumental in keeping me here this long. And finally
to the many other characters, mortal and immortal, that I
consider my friends - you made playing here something more than
a game for a very long time.

Well, I'm not a fan of long-winded retirement notes, but
I did always relish the "oh, so that was him too" moments, so
I'll share my character list with you. You will see one
or two of them around for the next few days whilst I catch
up with one or two people, but I plan to self-delete pretty
soon. Well, here it is:

Whoz'onE of Unity
Kerson, Avenger of Unity
Korsk, Protector of Unity
Phil, White Knight of Unity
Bergsten of Unity
Mauler of Unity
Demoth, the Loner Ranger
NuTTeR the Madgnome
Cleon of the Chosen of Fate

Well, that's about all. Take care all,

Whoz'onE of Unity.

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