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(located at port 4000)

(this log's from natilena's point of view, and has been edited)
who Vivi
Gno [    Th:10 Wa:15    ] Vivi, The Cute Bag of Cuddly Gnomish Fat.

You ftell, 'everyone ready?  this might sting a little'.

Vivi gets a paddle from the corpse of a female troll.

Vivi leaves north.

Oswald ftells, '......'.

Vivi arrives from the north.   

Vivi puts a paddle in a cloth baldric, draped over the shoulder.

Natilena crosses her fingers.

Elisander says (in common), 'paddle good weapon Vivi?'.

Vivi says (in gnomish), 'nop'.

### Vivi has advanced to level 1. 

You ftell, 'tada!'.

You ftell, 'grats Vivi'.

Oswald ftells, 'Whoa!'.

Oswald ftells, 'OM!'.

Elisander says (in common), 'grats Vivi!!'.

Oswald ftells, 'yay!'.

Elisander bows before Vivi.            

Deyanira ftells, 'vivi'.

Vivi ftells, 'extra practice and You feel more influential!'.

Vivi bounces around.

Vivi bounces around.

Kayura ftells, 'haha'.

Vivi thanks you heartily.

31 players.
Hum [    Sh:13 Th:10    ] Kjgen The mysterious *PINK* guy.
Hum [       Cl:26       ] Sonofjipp is Ice Cold
Hum [      Disciple     ] Rath D'Aleth, Minion of the Arch-Lich
Hum [    Wa:10 Ma:10    ] Elisander Blackthorne, Apprentice of the Stars
Gno [       Cl:27       ] Winne waits in the Dark ..... *MAERON*.........
Elf [ Ma:22 Wa:20 Th:20 ] Phantasm Anei, Shadow of the Coven.
Elf [ Th:16 Ra:30 Cl:30 ] Roen, All roads lead to Coven
Elf [ Ma:13 Ra:11 Th:10 ] Zero, <insert title here> [ENFORCERS]
Elf [       Ma: 6       ] Kyilir*Mage of the Wolves*
Ogr [       Sh:11       ] Chaos the ogre
Hum [    Ra: 6 Ma: 9    ] Saxon.
Hel [    Ma:21 Ra:21    ] Kayura the Hex Weaver, Dark Witch of the Stars.
Min [ Bard:  30  20  10 ] Mylk, Red Minstrel of the Coven.
Hum [       Cl:12       ] Quiet ly looking at the north Star all night                                                                        
Hum [       Ma: 7       ] Danel V'lahn, wizard in training.
Hel [    Cl:27 Wa:23    ] Oswald.
Elf [    Demigoddess    ] Natilena, for Good or for Awesome *kung-fu poses*
Elf [    Cl:21 Wa:21    ] Novis is trapped in the wind of change *Coven*
Elf [       Ma: 5       ] Erin the Elf Maiden
Hum [    Wa:10 Cl:17    ] Saavik, And then she told him...Yes.*Mirth*
Elf [ Th:16 Ma:20 Ra:15 ] Gyro Protagonist: Death Sponge of Darkness.
Aar [ Sh:12 Wa:10 Th:11 ] Deyanira d'Terrwyn     -=*Star*=- -=*Ghazkull*=-
Elf [ Ma:27 Th:27 Ra:30 ] Boromir Ambassador of Fate...Taoiseach...*T2MQFC*
Elf [      Demigod      ] Grimace, Leader of Nidea
Aar [ Wa:14 Sh:20 Th:10 ] Faile bat'Kael: Fated Newbie Helper.  
Hum [ Wa:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] DarkClaw, fresh outta the Coven!
Hum [       Ma:12       ] ZeBool Utters Thee Words"<(Enchant Self)>"!.!
Elf [    Th:14 Ma:15    ] Erian the Elf Maiden *Isolas*
Hum [      Ironwolf     ] Vex, Inquisitor of the Ashen Moon --*Lexie*--
Gno [      Stardust     ] Vivi, The Cute Bag of Cuddly Gnomish Fat.
Elf [ Ra:30 Th:23 Ma:30 ] Zip, Elven Witchling *Coven of the Ashen Moon*

[Exits: north]
You have entered the temple of those who worship the stars.  There is peace
here from the chaotic world outside and a feeling of home.  The space is
fairly large with tall white columns in each corner.  Above you the ceiling has
been enchanted to display an image of the night sky no matter the time of day
or night.  Strands of light from the stars gently caress all who enter here
making the room seem brighter with every new occupant.  A gentle glow of
dark blue light encircles a cushioned armchair placed near the back of the
room and the remainder of the space is open for any sort of fun gathering.

It is impossible to track here.

(Glowing) A simple altar of white marble stands in the middle of the room.
(Dark Blue Aura) Vivi is here.     
(Dark Blue Aura) Elisander is here.
(Dark Blue Aura) Deyanira is here. 

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