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Tynian: Version 3.128
Fri Jul 11 17:58:13 2003
To: all
Fix problem with the collect code and tells. When one loses link,
the tells switch to "You tell" when someone tells to you.

Added a role-playing 'tag', at Tokugawa's request. The tag can be
set by a god+ via mset, and lasts for the duration of the target's

Adjust priority on some news items.

Schema changes made to two database tables, which will decrease
the amount of storage used.

Changed the code that displays last login time. It should be much
faster now, especially for characters that have not been played in a
while. Also removed the code that displays the length of the last
gaming session, as this can slow the game down in some instances.

Fixed issue with the link spell messages.

Attempted a fix for teleport causing a fight to just stop cold.
Not tested.

Fixed bug with retrieve working for rangers wielding a two-handed

Correct problems with news reporting bard levels incorrectly.

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