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Tynian: Version 3.123c
Fri Jun 6 11:05:53 2003
To: all
Immortal leveltell now respects grantsight.

Fixed a crash-severity bug with who and classtitle.

Inactive ordains may not practice skills/spells.

Fixed bug that would reveal a higher level invis Immortal to a lower
level invis Immortal when the higher level Immortal leaves the room, under
certain conditions.

Fixed a bug that caused a bunch of blank lines to print when characters
with a lot of containers log in.

Inscribe should now work correctly for bards.

Changed the auto-follow for 'goto' to work for Implementor only.

Personal PK stats should no longer accumulate for suicides.

Fixed uncommon instance where a mortal's IP address could "leak" to

Reduced the number and rate for which restring credits are
automatically given to FLIs.

Rearranged spells so that the common, practicable spells come before
'special' spells.

Fixed problem that prevented bards from memorizing spell crystals.

Detect magic should show power level for scores to bards.

Upgraded a special mob, and CODED TWO NASTY SURPRISES FOR IT. The
first mortal to tell me 1) which mob was upgraded, 2) how it was upgraded,
and 3) both nasty surprises will receive credit to add +10 mana to any FLI's
worn gear. Even if you don't follow an Immortal, the prize could still be
valuable (as a trade, for instance).

Fixed a bug that prevented guard mobs from helping the "innocent."

Scores may no longer be stored on Mish.

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