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Tynian: Version 3.116
Sat Apr 5 22:37:53 2003
To: all
Added god+ ability to manually set a mobmaster target, for
debugging/testing purposes.

Fixed an instance that made it possible to go into negative debt.

Moved faerie fire so that it's taken into account after the
darkness spell.

Fixed problem that arose when a mobmaster mob area spelled while
other mobs were in the room. Technically, not a bug, since hitting the
other mob(s) brought them into the fight against the mob that cast the
area spell. Nonetheless, this should no longer happen.

Big mouth clerics/ordained mortals motivated me to adjust mage
dispel magic. Yuck it up, clerics/OMs.

Changed item type for simple rings from type weapon to jewelry,
and made them an exception to the mage 'enchant weapon' spell. This
only affects NEW simple rings. This was done to fix an issue that
rangers have when wearing simple rings and holding an item, since the
simple looks like a weapon to the code.

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