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Tynian: Version 3.112
Thu Mar 20 17:37:54 2003
To: all
Some major pieces of code were re-written for this version. Please
exercise caution, and please post a bug report immediately should you
find anything amiss. Areas to keep a particular eye on include
equipment storage, and instances where PCs or mobs are killed, as code
surrounding these activities was re-written. It was also tested, but
better safe than sorry.

Created new message type that only displays when the target
character can hear.

Fixed a problem with resets within containers.

Fixed a bug where a particular data file stream was not being
properly closed.

Re-wrote major death-related code to fix a bug with the 'noeqloss'
quest mode.

Re-wrote the equipment storage code (Mish).

Wrote a conversion routine to move equipment from the old storage
model to the new storage model.

Reduced the amount of experience energy drain takes.

Increase the amount of of inactivity time required for a low level
character to purge.

Initial setup for shamanic masters, the shaman equivilent to
archmage mobs. After some testing, it was determined that they acted
more like shaman novices, and will need to be enhanced prior to
unleashing them on the world.

Re-wrote code that assigns spells and creates mage mobs.

Gave mage mobs god spells, including recirculate, death, stasis,
hit bleed, and mana bleed. This should increase their survivability.
Heh heh, just kidding.

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