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Tynian: Version 3.110
Sat Mar 1 15:09:43 2003
To: all
Added 'opp' to list of illegal character names.

Add help for new god+ command, gameset.

Remove reference to 'check opponent' in CHECK HEALTH help. Added
'check opp'.

Added HELP GAME SETTINGS to explain what the different game-wide
special operation modes are.

Added policy7, Unauthorized access to or disruption of computer

Fixed minor bug in message collection code.

Score will now show if there are any special game-wide settings in

Fixed code in several places to prevent character name 'Opps' from
matching for 'opponent'. 'opp' is now the REQUIRED string to match for

Fixed a minor bug with 'whois' and the database backend.

Added a line feed after the message you get after training a stat.

Added GAMESET god+ command, which allows the god+ to set several
special operations modes on a game-wide basis. See HELP GAME SETTINGS
for more information.

Removed code from 1996 that was in partial production, but that I
never completed. Replaced the current functionality with 'gameset'.

Fixed bug that allowed god+ to remove a mob special function, even
if that mob did not have one.

Added god+ ability to clone mobs.

Upon advice of the mortals and Immortals, downgraded listed
difficulty of Loth Llorien from 'Medium' to 'Easy'.

Upon advice of the mortals and Immortals, upgraded listed
difficulty of Cillidellia from 'Easy' to 'Medium'.

Fixed limitation in database code, that allowed update matches on
only a single column.

Coded a short-term mob killing quest, which will probably be run
next week.

Add ability to generate attacks on mage mobs, without the target
character being online.

Fixed a bug that caused mobs in combat to sigh a lot if their
target vanishes.

Added 'signup' command, for use with quests. I'm not sure how
useful it will be as a general command, but I needed it for the
short-term quest.

Hopefully fixed bug that caused Cult Followings to never rise back
out of Cult Following. Previously, they had to manually be fixed.

Mobs should cast refresh on newbie when a leg of the Algenara
quest is completed. Untested.

WARNING WARNING WARNING: I have changed combat pacing to be a
little faster. In testing, people have either not noticed a difference,
or a slight speedup. Nonetheless, USE CAUTION until you get used to it.

Changed action lag to introduce slightly less lag after lagged

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