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Tynian: Quest UPDATE
Sun Jan 19 21:27:33 2003
To: all

This weekend's quest:

The weekend quest is a group competition mobmaster. I will award the
winner with a magical upgrade of a non-damage affect of your choice(*)
to a random item of your choice that is less than +5 in power.

I will indicate a specific mob to kill. The first person to kill that
mob gets a point. The one with the most points at the end, wins.

I don't know when I'll be online this weekend, or for how long. I'll
just periodically mark a mob to be hit. Remember, that this is a
specific mob you have to kill. The contest will end, oh, sometime --
probably Sunday. I'll post a note.


(*) Only normal non-damage stats are eligible. No blocking, health or
other "special" effect is eligible.

2003-01-19 UPDATE: The mob hunting is complete, and I have tallied the
points. Please feel free to double-check the math. Here is our top 5:

Vex: 73 (bonus paid)
Kethran: 38 (bonus paid)
Maimer: 22 (bonus paid)
Natilena: 20
Abe: 16

There is a twist. The winner will be determined by who has the most
points by this Friday at noon (12:00pm) mud-time. If you have points,
you have options. You may give them to another character. You may
sell/trade/barter with another character for points. Or, you can sell
them back to me. I'll pay 1000 gold coins for each point. Of course,
if I end up with the most points, I win, and I keep the prize. :-)

A couple of people asked whether they could give their points away, and I
told them no... because it wasn't time for the trading to begin. :-)

The top 5 receives the following bonus points:
Vex: 15
Kethran: 10
Maimer: 5
Natilena: 3
Abe: 1

If you have worked out an arrangement for your points, or you want to
sell your points to me, post a note, and I will move your points over to
whomever you indicate. You can split your points up between multiple
people. You could even give your points to someone that didn't
previously participate, though I have no idea why you would do that.
Please note that I will process your points in the order they are listed
on the mob listing. Notes posted after noon mud-time on Friday will be
disregarded. I will tally the vote on Friday.

Tynian: Points details
Sun Jan 19 21:27:54 2003
To: all
(Each mob is worth 1 point, unless otherwise indicated)

the trinket vendor - Wylin
a dragonfly - Wylin
a young brother - Wylin
Krultan the recluse - Vex
a seagull - Anduin
Vladimir (2 points) - Vex
the ogre chieftain - Vex
the Chieftain of Gronk - Vex
the Tribal Chief - Vex
a flame - Mistyfier
the knight templar - Wylin
a templar page - Vex
a wailing spirit - Vex
a skeleton guard - Vex
a zombie - Vex
a ghoul - Fobro
a sand wraith - Vex
The nightgaunt - Vex
Queen Mariel - Natilena
Queen Sylette - Wylin
a songbird - Vex
a chthonian hatchling - Wylin
a seal - Vex
a gladiator - Sacaras
the peacock - Vex
a bluejay - Vex
a squirrel - Vex
Ebencaleneezer (10 points) - Natilena
the citizen - Anduin
a school of silvery fish - Jarid
Julius - Grale
Tawny - Anduin
a myconid - Anduin
the small vampire bat - Anduin
Jeanette the dragon (10 points) - Allanon
the copper dragon - Mordith
Eyesor the Ice Troll - Abe
Federico the wino - Anduin
the dwarven doctor - Anduin
the coral snake - Anduin
a cave fish - Fobro
an elven defender - Judge
the female ent - Vex
an assassin - Vex
a mountain ewe - Abe
a kobold sentry - Kethran
the ghost of the hydra - Kethran
the Minister of Heat - Vex
a black crow - Kethran
an elite goblin guard - Vex
the Giant Pudding (5 points) - Lestat
an ogre concubine - Kethran
The Hierophant - Kethran
Gertek - Vex
a fireworm - Kethran
a dog - Natilena
a cat - Alton
a chicken - Vex
The Grand Mistress (5 points) - Kethran
a furry little ferret - Alton
the brewery worker - Abe
the wolf - Isolas
a sea bass - Vex
a bass - Vex
the puma - Lexie
a dolphin - Vex
a shade of maid (5 points) - Abe
a Kailee monster - Kethran
Sorgin - Vex
a corporal of the Delving Guard - Aster
the nomad leader - Abe
the kobold leader - Aster
Sendres the High Mage - Vex
a servant - Vex
a lizard man - Vex
a perch - Vex
the housekeeper - Vex
a giant eagle chick - Vex
a bosun's mate - Kethran
a crane - Lexie
a deer - Vex
Mistress Ardant - Vex
Baron Marel - Vex
a large snake (2 points) - Natilena
Shye - Uriel
the sheep - Uriel
the captain - Specious
Avin - Specious
a duergar princeling - Uriel
Bethany - Maimer
a magman - Nalilena
Kappa - Abe
a hunter - Uriel
the centipede - Natilena
Kylir, the Amyklaian fisherman - Natilena
Amyrok - Abe
a flying fish - Natilena
a draconian hatchling - Natilena
a cardinal - Natilena
a minor demon - Kethran
a Chthonian Burrower - Natilena
Grandma Schon - Abe
a tangle of asps - Kethran
a blind white fish (2 points) - Kethran
a deckhand - Kethran
the constable - Abe
a nymph - Abe
a tunnel snake - Kethran
a giant kid - Maimer
a raptor - Kethran
a pigeon - Kethran
a macaw chick - Kethran
a butterfly - Abe
the mimic - Abe
a huge rockworm - Rubicant
a snappersaw - Kethran
an orog guard - Anduin
the Captain of the Guard - Kethran
the queen spider - Vex
a water weird - Kethran
a dauskdraug - Vex
a mad gnome - Vex
the demonlord of shadows (5 points) - Maimer
a mercenary guard - Vex
a furry chipmunk - Pheonix
a Triton child (3 points) - Kethran
a baby dragon turtle - Wylin
a gnat - Vex
Ul'Uld, the giant slave - Vex
a thrush - Factor
a cooshee - Kethran
a drow soldier - Vex
a killer bee - Vex
a nightmare - Wylin
Frisnor - Kethran
the tax collector - Kethran
a centaur falconer - Kethran
a crow - Vex
Bigfoot - Vex
a carnivorous plant - Kethran
the Baron of the Night (3 points) - Vex
the Rakshasa (2 points) - Vex
Kalena the Minister of Agriculture (7 points) - Vex
Carthales the Minister of Defense (7 points) - Vex
Shadres (5 points) - Kethran
Landru (3 points) - Vex
Baird (10 points) - Mael
Ramona (10 points) - Maimer
MeiLing (5 points) - Vex
Captain Jacklyn (3 points) - Mordith
Mikon (5 points) - Maimer
(Bonus points for scoring in the top 5)
Vex (15 points) - Vex
Kethran (10 points) - Kethran
Maimer (5 points) - Maimer
Natilena (3 points) - Natilena
Abe (1 point) - Abe

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