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Tranquility: My Thanks
Sun Jun 1 17:45:19 2003
To: All Majere Cordir
Recently, for the first time in perhaps...years, I was greatly in need
of assistance. The sheer number of people that stepped forward to aide
me was astonishing. Many did not expect a single thing in return, other
than perhaps my gratitude. They have that, as well as their anonymity.
I will thank only their gods by name. Clue, my mortal friend, beloved
leader of the FolK. Majere, a recent yet potent Ally. Kerriariadne (The
one and only Booga - who could say more?). Vorax, tho never seen, still
loved. Bliss, to whom I owe libations of chocolate galore. Robert, one
I do not know well but respect. Plato, Cherished god of Wisdom. Triston,
the founder of Sin and all its glory. Katrana.

Also, a special thanks to my beloved Goddess, who instead of becoming
upset with my death, encouraged me to not lose heart and to continue to
be exactly who I am, regardless of how I might feel changed by that
experience. Thank you Lady. Your compassion at this time made more of
a difference than I could demonstrate.

On a special note, Majere...your followers, which initially seemed new
and brash to me, have a special thanks as well. It is rare that I see
a following step up to the plate as much as yours have in recent months.
I congratulate you for having a following I have learned to respect and
regard with kindness whether they are granting assistance or requesting
it. They are unfailingly polite, inherantly generous and a joy to be
allied with.

Handmaiden to Cordir
Indebted to unexpected kindness.

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