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Dundrave: Interesting Tid Bit.

Mon Jan 27 06:11:18 2003
To: all

I was sitting in safe (yes, safe sitting) about a month ago just after a huge lag storm. Interesting enought, I believe Lexie and Lins both mob died to that storm. For awhile, prior to Lins, getting his corpse back, I listened to him rant and rave. He was talking about retireing, that it just wasnt right to lose your corpse due to lag. He went as far to say that he had posted a note to Tynian, saying that he had dedicated alot of time to his eq and that he should not lose it do to lag.

Short and simple, He said it wasnt fair, and that he thought if someone died to lag that their corpse should be returned.

Hearing this, I find it very interesting to hear that Mael looted Khorlan after he died to a bit of lag.

Now, the only connection here, is that Lins is one of the Ordaineds of Coven. SO i wonder, how far your convictions are Lins - What would you do if you were looted linkdead....

Linkdead Equals Died to LAG

What will you do now that one of the major players in your following has looted someone else who died to lag?

Ironic how the tables turn when it isn't your corpse... ISN'T IT.

Lins: Dundrave
Mon Jan 27 10:37:58 2003
To: all
First of all, Dundrave you sure know how to run your mouth since you are evil. Second... I didn't die to a lag that was caused by me, my computer, or my ISP. It was a lag everyone on the mud had, and Tynian knew that. And what I said was: I don't think Tynian wants to have this link on his mud, so if anyone would lose his corpse I think he should return it. People can lie about their link and stuff... I mean if Tylorn would have said he was LD, anyone would have believed it. That is different, on my opinion.

So before you run your mouth again, Dundrave, you might think first.

Just some advice.

Now let's get all back to play, and hope that Lins dies LD, then everyone would be happy hm?


I didn't know Khorlan died to the same link me and Lexie died to. And for that matter... if you think I 'whine or whatever' that I think I should get my corpse back might someone snatch it. Does that mean I would not have returned the corpse to Khorlan ? What Mael does, is his business. Not mine. If I say I think it's rediculous, do you really think I'd just grab someone else's corpse ? I know how you feel when the mud is down and you KNOW you died.

And something else (maybe there should be a vote on this on the forum or something) I think people should always get their stuff back when FastQ is lagging. That is my opinion and you all know it. I don't think this is the way the mud needs to lose players (like Khorlan). Thanks again for reading.


Lexie: Dundrave and his Tid Bit
Mon Jan 27 12:13:19 2003
To: all

Lins and I did die due to horrific lag that lasted for at least 4 hours, but it was more than a month ago, not long after we changed to Fastq. As much as lag death is upsetting, we all take the risk of dying to lag, link loss when we log on. It's not fair, but it happens. I wanted to nuke Fastq for weeks after we died! It took me 3 1/2 RL hours to get Lins' corpse that would've taken 2 seconds to get without fastq problems. Lins was fortunate that I was on to get his corpse, otherwise he would be out of luck, just as Khorlan unfortunately was. The only consolation is that his death was not due to a lack of skill (nuke fastq!).

There is a thread on the Forum page about lag issues and a warning that you should get to safe ASAP the second the funky lag starts, if you can. Usually there is some time when it first starts that people complain about the lag...take that as a warning if others are saying lag is hitting, it's a good indication the bad stuff might hit. In conclusion, I don't see the point of Dundrave's note. When I saw the subject and that it was posted right after Khorlan's, I first thought it was to concur with Khorlan about the good times spent with Tigers and Tripper or to add an interesting Tiger tid bit.

Alas, I don't see anything interesting about Dundrave's tid bit.

And blame Dundrave if you think this note is pointless and not an interesting tid bit about his tid bit :O

Dalaran: RE: Lexie
Tue Jan 28 19:10:06 2003
To: all
Lexie wrote "The only consolation is that his death was not due to a lack of skill." I would just like to point out survival in this realm involves no skill at all. You just need a Teleport and the ability to quaff it. My 9 year old niece mastered that ability within 3 months of playing.....

Tiberius: Re: Dalaran: Re: Lexie
Tue Jan 28 21:13:22 2003
To: all

Are you that 9 year old neice?

Yes, this is an example of your work. Meaningless, annoying.


Moiraine: Dalaran
Wed Jan 29 13:14:10 2003
To: all
You forgot the best way to survive in this realm Dal, that being the oft employed skill of saferoom sitting. I've relied on it myself on a few occassions. That when the better part of valor is discretion comes into play. :) Just thought you might want to ammend your comments. Moiraine, Wisdom's keeper of the kitchen fountain!

Dalaran: Moiraine
Wed Jan 29 20:06:56 2003
To: all

A most excellent observation.

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