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(this log's been edited down to pretty much just the stories and item-dropping/juggling that was required...)
Cordir says, 'Okay, Dart...'.

Cordir says, 'You can go ahead with your story.'.

Dart says (in common), 'Okee dookey I can just start then?'.

Cordir says, 'When you get to the part with items, hand them to Majere, or 
juggle them.'.

Cordir puts a pair of quilted cloth formal gloves in Radar's back claws.
Dart nods.

Dart says (in common), 'I can juggle'.

Dart says (in common), 'Ok, all set?'.

Xandria nods.

Dart says (in common), 'One day a great warrior went out on a quest. His 
family had been lost'.

Dart says (in common), 'in a daily raid of the Great Oynx Dragon.'.
Dart says (in common), 'since that fateful day he has waged war on all Dragons 
attempting to claim vengeance for the family he had lost'.

Valgar sniffs sadly.

Dart says (in common), 'He trained hard, learned from the Rangers of the Wild, 
and the Holy Clerics.'.

Dart says (in common), 'He even learned a few new tricks from the Thieves of 

Dart says (in common), 'On a red-skyed morning he set out to begin is revenge, 
his first victim an Ice Dragon'.

Dart says (in common), 'from the Icy Plains, it yielded a Shirt of it's Scales. 
The Warrior still wears this item to this day.'.

Dart stops using a dragon scale shirt.
Dart juggles a dragon scale shirt.
Dart wears a dragon scale shirt on his body.

Dart says (in common), 'His next victim, the rockdragon hidden deep in the mines 
of Duergar'.

Dart says (in common), 'the battle was fierce but in the end the warrior took back 
the torso and claw of the beast as tokens of his victory.'.

Dart juggles a stony dragonscale torso.
Dart juggles a rockdragon claw.

Dart says (in common), 'And so it continued, slaying Dragon after Dragon until he 
had tokens and keepsakes of many except the one that had taken his parents lives 
that fateful da'.

Dart says (in common), '*day'.

Dart says (in common), 'He then heard of a Mistress of Dragons, a woman so in 
leagues with Dragons'.

Dart says (in common), 'she knew of every one there was. The Warrior sought out 
this woman in the Shrine of Neutrality,'.

Dart says (in common), 'the information the warrior needed was not given easily'.
Dart says (in common), 'and after a fierce battle the warrior got the information 
he required, he also took the charm from the Mistress's neck.'.

Dart stops using a dragon charm.
Dart juggles a dragon charm.
Dart wears a dragon charm around his neck.

Dart says (in common), 'He went to the Lair of the Oynx dragon, first getting by 
the Worshippers in his path'.

Dart says (in common), 'As he entered the Dragon's lair he stared into the eyes 
of the beast for the first time in 15 years.'.

Dart says (in common), 'he battle was fierce, at first the warrior's luck seemed 

Dart says (in common), 'as the battle went badly at first. All of a sudden, the 
charm on the warrior's neck began to glow...'.

Dart says (in common), 'The Dragon seemed weakened and afraid of this item. The 
warrior seized his chance'.

Dart says (in common), 'dodging a blast of Acid he leapt from a wide cliff and 
brought his sword down upon the Dragons scaly neck'.

Dart says (in common), 'The battle over the foe vanquished, he the Dragon's 
Anathracite eye and walked slowly back out of it's lai'.

Dart juggles an anthracite dragon eye.

Dart says (in common), '*he took the :P'.

Dart says (in common), 'darn copy/paste'.

Dart says (in common), 'The End :)'.

Valgar sniffs sadly.

Dart gives an anthracite dragon eye to Valgar.
Valgar says (in common), 'beautiful!'.

Valgar lights an anthracite dragon eye and holds it.

Rolland says (in common), 'nice'.

Cordir smiles happily.

Rolland says (in common), 'I can go next'.

Cordir says, 'Go ahead, Rolland'.

Rolland coughs.

Rolland says (in common), 'Days pass and there is a look of sadness in these 

Rolland says (in common), 'Tears hit the carefully woven leather as the story 
is told.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'Long ago, Sricke joined the Elvin militia to become 
an elite soldier.'.
Rolland says (in common), 'Following in his footsteps I went off with him.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'In days of intense battle he Sricke was wounded in 

Rolland says (in common), 'I tried to bandage his wound but he had bleed for too 
long and was about to die.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'With his final breath he handed me his bracelet.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'This bracelet had kept him through every battle he had 
every fought in.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'The elders of Loth-Llorien gave this bracelet to him.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'Inscribed on the inside were two eagles flying side by 

Rolland juggles an ornamental bracelet.

Rolland says (in common), 'I took his sword from him and held it fast. '.

Rolland says (in common), 'As he fell limp I arose into the heat of battle and 
wore the bracelet high.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'The somber grimace I left on my face kept the enemy 
in recession.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'Arrows flew and missed by the fraction of an inch.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'The hot blood of my prey streamed across the battlefield 
as I lead the troops to victory.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'Never was there a more glorious victory with such a sour 
Rolland says (in common), 'Sricke was the only casualty but it might as well have 
been my sword that plunged into his chest.'.

Rolland says (in common), 'His weaponry is all that is left I have to remember him 
by that and his victorious bracelet.'.

Rolland juggles elven war boots.
Rolland juggles elven war gloves.
Rolland nods.

Rolland bows deeply.

Cordir says, 'well told!'.

Cordir says, 'who else is ready to tell their tale?'.

Teren says (in common), 'I can wing it ;)'.

Cordir smiles happily.

Cordir nods in recognition to Teren.

Cordir says, 'go ahead'.

Teren says (in common), 'I have a tale to tell, based on a true story, though the 
name of the one involved has been lost in the shadows of time'.

Teren says (in common), 'Once there was a thief who was pale as a ghost, his white 
skin many a time betrayed him in the darkness'.

Teren says (in common), 'he eventually adopted a full costume of darkest black, to 
better prey unseen. A set of comfortable clothes, including also a black mask'.

Teren says (in common), 'he even applied soot to the blade of his trademark black 
shortsword, that no glint of metal might reveal his presence'.

Teren gets a dull black cloak from a saddlebag.
Teren drops a dull black cloak.

Teren gets some black leather wrist guards from a saddlebag.
Teren drops some black leather wrist guards.

Teren gets a black hooded mask from a saddlebag.
Teren drops a black hooded mask.

Teren gets a pair of comfortable black pants from a saddlebag.
Teren drops a pair of comfortable black pants.

Teren gets some very worn black gloves from a saddlebag.
Teren drops some very worn black gloves.

Teren gets a black leather tunic from a saddlebag.
Teren drops a black leather tunic.

Teren gets a pair of bloody black boots from a saddlebag.
Teren drops a pair of bloody black boots.

Teren drops a dull black shortsword.

Teren says (in common), 'thus attired, he became a master of his profession, to 
the point where he found no challenge in stealhily looting from innocent victims'.

Teren says (in common), 'so when he one day chanced to steal an ancient tome, he 
resolved to seek out one that could teach him its secrets'.

Teren drops a dark scale-covered book.

Teren says (in common), 'he had heard of one that could teach the magic arts, 
wandering the snowy trails of the southern continent and so set out to find her'.

Teren says (in common), 'alas, he took a wrong turn on the trails, and his black 
costume stood out in the snow, so he could not hide from the giants he stumbled 

Teren says (in common), 'to master the stealthy arts, however, one must naturally 
be well versed in fleeing, and he managed to evade the giants, only slightly wounded'.

Teren says (in common), 'his headlong flight took him into a maze of snow, and his 
passage was marked by the croaking of hideously ugly ice toads'.

Teren says (in common), 'he wandered the snow maze looking for a way out, until he 
practically stepped on something as white as the snow, he hadn't seen'.

Teren says (in common), 'its white hide a perfect cover, unlike the black the thief 
wore.. and razor sharp, deadly claws'.

Teren drops a dirty white troll's hide.
Teren drops Claws of the Ice Troll.

Teren says (in common), 'blasting the thief with frost, the troll's claws rent deep 
gashes in the thief's body, and again the thief had to flee'.

Teren says (in common), 'but a deep hole lay hidden, covered only with a thin layer 
of snow, and in his flight, the thief broke through and fell'.

Teren says (in common), 'safe now from the troll, but greivously wounded, the thief 
found no exit from his icy prison'.

Teren says (in common), 'and died there under the snow.. his remains are still there 
today, preserved by the cold and almost unchanged'.

Teren bows deeply.

Teren eats steak made from Eyesor the Ice Troll.

Cordir says, 'well done!'.

Teren says (in common), 'thanks :)'.

Cordir says, 'Who shall be next?'.
Cordir says, 'and teren, do you want your items back?'.

Teren shakes his head.

Teren smiles happily.

Xandria says (in common), 'I will go next if that is alright'.

Cordir envelops the room with flame!

Cordir nods in recognition to Xandria.

Xandria says (in common), 'When I was a young elven lass, my father would tell me 
stories about the way the world once was...'.

Xandria says (in common), 'When magic was young, and the men of the world fought 
each other over things that seem trivial to us now.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'They believed that they could bend magic to do their will, 
but we all now know that magic is no one's slave.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'They tried to harness its power, from the calling the 
lightning to vanquish foes, to summoning creatures and gathering energies ex nihilo.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Men discovered they could contain this power within vessels 
such as simple glass tubes, and pieces of parchment.'.

Xandria gets a blue glass flask from bag made from killer frog hide.
Xandria drops a blue glass flask.

Xandria says (in common), 'My father told me of one such man, a giant, who was named 
Hrothgar the Magnificent.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Quite a specimen, this Hrothgar was. He could cleave a man 
with his Mountain Splitter Axe.'.

Xandria drops a great axe.

Xandria says (in common), 'On top of that, he was a Giant, so he was especially keen at 
hunting down magical artifacts and could see the runes left by others.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Hrothgar was a fisherman once, but magic was far more 
interesting than sea-dwellers any day.'.

Xandria gets a fish from bag made from killer frog hide.
Xandria drops a fish.

Xandria says (in common), 'But Hrothgar's travels continued to take him further and 
further past the lands he was familiar with.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'He once ventured into an human fortress, and such a place 
no giant had ever set foot in.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Needless to say he was driven back by the men, who were greatly 
frightened by him, firing their arrows of elven make at him upon sight.'.

Xandria gets an elven long bow from bag made from killer frog hide.
Xandria drops an elven long bow.

Xandria says (in common), 'In fleeing, Hrothgar fell into a deep pit in the ground, 
an Abyss known then as "Wizardsfall".'.

Xandria shudders from the sheer thought of it.

Xandria says (in common), 'Injured by his descent into the darkness, his giant 
magical vision spotted some herbs with which he could cure his wounds.'.

Xandria gets a small dusk of timian herbs from bag made from killer frog hide.
Xandria drops a small dusk of timian herbs.

Xandria says (in common), 'Now this hearty giant did not die because of his heavy 
mithril armaments, and just as his clumsy gigantic hand reached for the herbs...'.

Xandria gets mithril mail from an egg casing.
Xandria drops mithril mail.

Xandria says (in common), 'A drake appeared. A drake only thinks it's a dragon, my 
father used to say.'.
Xandria chuckles, evidently amused.

Xandria says (in common), 'That is why they fight to the death, because they have 
something to prove.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Hrothgar felt around for the Axe. Where was it?!'.

Xandria says (in common), 'In sheer panic he readied to strike the beast with his 
bare hands, or perhaps with a spell of pain.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Just then a net descended from the canopy and whoosh! 
The drake was caught up in the ropes and swung up into the trees.'.

Xandria gets a net from an egg casing.
Xandria drops a net.

Xandria says (in common), 'Down came a cadre of wood elves, who were curious of 
their visitor.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'In a moment of understanding they lifted the confused 
giant out of the pit and took him back to their camp, where he was nursed to 
health and asked to stay'.

Xandria says (in common), 'There, he was spectacle to behold for children and 

Xandria says (in common), '(in those times it was not common for giantkin to visit 
other races)'.

Xandria says (in common), 'But his adventurous spirit was such that he was not 
complacent being a clown in the '.

Xandria says (in common), 'home of the elves'.

Xandria says (in common), 'He told them he wanted to leave, and that his place 
was out in the wide world exploring, and hunting down artifacts.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Agreeing, they sent him on his way with a warm cloak 
of elven fabric, and a basket.'.

Xandria gets a cloak from an egg casing.
Xandria drops a cloak.

Xandria gets a basket from an egg casing.
Xandria drops a basket.

Xandria says (in common), 'Looking into it he saw...a key of all things'.

Xandria gets a dusty key from an egg casing.
Xandria drops a dusty key.

Xandria says (in common), 'What was the meaning of this? He thought.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'The elves told him that they wanted him to do them one 
last favor: deep in the pit of '.

Xandria says (in common), 'Wizardsfall was a locked cellar...'.

Xandria says (in common), 'sa Once belonging to a powerful man of magic. If Hrothgar 
could face his fear and enter, all the magic within was his to command.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'The elves did not know any more, other than the fact that 
creatures guarded this place as if protecting a nest.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Confidently, he strode down the pit with a rope ladder, 
eager to meet the challenges ahead.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Seeing the gleam of his axe in the darkness, he quickly 
seized it and started to smash the ranks of bats and drakes that he encountered'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Unlocking the cellar he used many magical spells to dispel 
the unending hordes of animals that met him as he moved forward in the darkness...'.

Xandria says (in common), 'With only a ball of light to light his path, his fatigue grew, 
as he blasted enemies into oblivion.'.

Xandria makes a complicated-looking gesture.

Xandria makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Xandria twiddles her thumbs and a ball of bright red light appears.

Xandria rests.

Cordir grins mischievously.

Xandria says (in common), 'Just then two eyes appeared in the darkness...and a figure 
emerged far larger than Hrothgar himself.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'It was a demon, and Hrothgar immediately let out a war cry 
and ran straight at the creature.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Taking several swings, the demon was unharmed, as if fed by 
the shadow and desperation of his attacks.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Hrothgar breathed deep and tried to hit the creature with had never failed him before.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'But nothing happened. He frantically tried to focus his 
energy, but he had wasted it all on the drakes and bats.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'his only course of action now was a potion of recall. He 
quaffed the red liquid as quickly as he could, but somehow, nothing happened.'.

Xandria gets a clear red potion from bag made from killer frog hide.
Xandria drops a clear red potion.

Xandria says (in common), 'He quaffed another, and another, but he saw the futility 
in his efforts when he saw the runes on the wall - a cursed cellar.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'sa Fighting for his life Hrothgar fell to the beast, its 
mighty horns thrusting into his hulking, exhausted body in a moment of weakness.'.

Xandria gets some horns from bag made from killer frog hide.
Xandria drops some horns.
Xandria says (in common), 'So let that be a lesson to you, my father would say.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Magic is not your slave, but a tool that should be used, 
and respected.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'Those who rely on the crutch of magic will find themselves 
crippled when they do not have it.'.

Xandria says (in common), 'fin'.

Cordir smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'Well done!'.

Xandria bows deeply.

Cordir says, 'Anyone else wanting to particpate?'.

Cordir says, 'No other entries?'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.
Valgar says (in common), 'can i go?'.

Cordir says, 'Go ahead, Valgar'.

Valgar smiles happily.
Valgar bows deeply.

Bevier grins happily at Valgar.

Valgar says (in common), 'good to start?'.
Grimace smiles happily.

Cordir nods.

Cordir says, 'go ahead'.

Valgar says (in common), 'Once upon a golden hill a greedy frog shrowded in 
vestments of black, wielding a faint black dagger came across his body. '.

Valgar drops a black dagger.

Valgar gets a black hat from bag made from woman hide.
Valgar drops a black hat.

Valgar gets a black tunic from bag made from woman hide.
Valgar drops a black tunic.

Valgar says (in common), 'This frog's fondness for exploring had ultimetly lead to 
some problems, although through his ventures he came across a '.

Valgar says (in common), 'special ring, this ring corrupted him to a point where he 
seeked all forms of darkness and black magic. After several days '.

Valgar sits down and thinks deeply.

Valgar says (in common), 'this ones nd'.

Valgar pokes Majere in the ribs.

Cordir says, 'juggle it'.

Valgar says (in common), 'ring of darkness in my inv'.
Valgar says (in common), 'this frog began dealing in scriptures and chantings of 
viscious power. Until the king bundled in nothing but the purest of '.

Valgar says (in common), 'gold and scales off of a dragons hide, holding beverages 
encrusted with gold, he became aware of the schemes of the newly '.

Valgar gets a pair of dragon scale leggings from bag made from Delving guard hide.
Valgar juggles a pair of dragon scale leggings.

Valgar gets a gold potion with gold swirls from bag made from Delving guard hide.
Valgar juggles a gold potion with gold swirls.

Valgar says (in common), 'dark-hearted frog, and at that time he received orders 
from the queen, he raised his arms and held a crimped scroll, orders '.

Valgar gets the crimped scroll from bag made from woman hide.
Valgar juggles the crimped scroll.

Valgar says (in common), 'those of Marshal Diana, which instructed upon the 
destruction of whomever wields this ring, and the ring itself. So the army '.

Valgar drops orders from Marshal Diana.

Valgar says (in common), 'prepared for battle, suited up in all the armor they  
could receive, slipping on the brass piece by piece, helmet on, '.

Valgar gets a brass helm from bag made from woman hide.
Valgar drops a brass helm.

Valgar says (in common), 'following suite, gauntlets slid on, swords held firmly. The 
warriors began to prepare for battle, as they moved along, they '.
Valgar drops a pair of brass gauntlets.
Valgar drops a long sword.

Valgar says (in common), 'began to notice the sky shimmer, as if someone had been 
controlling the thunderstone. When the time came to meet the newly '.

Valgar juggles a thunderstone.

Valgar says (in common), 'overtaken frog, they had tried they're best to destroy him 
but nothing would do, they're blades of solid steel would not be'.

Valgar says (in common), 'strong enough to penetrate the frogs' scales. So the took care 
of them and just waddled back further into his lair, reading '.

Valgar says (in common), 'over his spellbook indicating his plans, he walked over 
towards his bucket for his objects used for his sorcery, but '.

Valgar juggles a blue-green spellbook.
Valgar drops a water bucket with a dipper.

Valgar says (in common), 'somehow, a lonely sheep had wandered in and gotten nervous 
at the flashes of lightning created by the frog's control over '.

Valgar says (in common), 'the thunderstone, but he thought nothing of it. although as 
the frog continued he slipped into something, and couldnt hold '.

Valgar says (in common), 'his strength, and so, the frog lay there as lifeless as the 
sheep excrement he lay in.'.
Xandria laughs.

Majere gives some sheep excrement to Valgar.

Valgar juggles a dead frog.

Majere says, 'im not juggling that'.

Valgar frowns.

Valgar drops a dead frog.

Valgar says (in common), 'the end :)'.

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