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(located at port 4000)

Dart gossips (in common), 'I'd like to hire someone to help with the assembly of 
a swingset......The company who made it is Satan inc. and I'm about THIS close to 
placing dynamite a'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'around the edges...'.

Seraph gossips (in common), 'read the instructions and get the tools you will be ok'.

Seraph gossips (in common), 'or do what most of us do and let the kids put it together 
cause they know how to do crap like that better then us'.

Krosan gossips (in aarakocran), 'Amen to that'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'Amen to that'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'Done that.......right now it KINDA looks like a swingset.....
but I think it could be mistaken for a very very ugly car or something'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'Trust me, it'.

Dart gossips (in common), '*its that bad heh'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'Tie a rope to a branch and tie a tire to the other ed of 
the rope....Now there's a swingset'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'Thats a hammock'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'no... A hammock is just a matress tied to two trees'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'well... thats what my hammock is...'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'heh on the box next to "some assembly required" it should 
also say "lots of frustration, migraines are also included"'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'Why don't you just call the fire department and when 
they come, tell them that your swingset burned down and ask them to rebuild it'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'Well, setting it on fire did come to mind among other things
......but they have to be drinking beer and playing poker....I dont wanna disturb them'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'The only thing that my fire department does is save cats 
from trees... If a real fire started, the firemen would panic'.

Istari gossips (in common), 'we call them the "Foundation Savers" here'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'Why don't you just steal a swingset at a park or 
something... And to make sure that you don't get caught, steal it at night time'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'and bring a wrench'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'heh I'd prefer to take the one we got to a undisclosed 
area, and make a nice big crater'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'I had a swingset once... It was big and green, it was 
also shaped like a dinosaur, but the swings broke, so we threw it in a lake'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'I think people call it, the loch ness monster or something...'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'heh'.

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