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Wish shouts (in common), 'PRAISE LORD NASH!!!'.

Wish shouts (in common), 'HAIL THE ARCH LICH!! LEADER OF ALL FOUL SEPIODS!!'.

Lins shouts (in common), 'YAY WISH'.
Wish shouts (in common), '*squishy squishy*'.

Natilena shouts, 'I'm squishier than you are!'.

Ratchus gossips (in common), 'hey Natilena y ou trying to be like squishy wishy 
or what?'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'nati has stolen my trademark!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'i am going to soon as i find a good lawyer'.

Ratchus gossips (in common), 'hey Natilena what part of you is squishy?'.

Natilena gossips, 'bah!  it was mine before you even existed!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'i existed before you ever existed!'.

Isolas gossips (in elven), 'Who needs a lawyer, when you can just use... the 

Wish gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'what is your creation date, nati?'

Wish gossips (in common), 'see?  no response....'.

Ratchus gossips (in common), 'snicker.....'.

Ratchus gossips (in common), 'I am still curious what part of Natilena is 

Natilena gossips, 'created Sun Oct 26 97 17:07:06.'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'huh? no way'.

Solaron gossips (in common), 'All 2xers say that, Nati.'.

Solaron gossips (in common), 'That's the 3x conversion date'.

Ratchus gossips (in common), 'you still have slimy to use as a trade word with 

Wish gossips (in common), 'i dont believe it'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'i dont remember any natilena in 2x!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'i need lawyer!'.

Natilena gossips, 'hahahaha!'.

Wish gossips (in common), '*grrrg*'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'Lins, are you a lawyer?'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I demand a hearing!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I need jurors for a trial...who wants to volunteer?  
I brib...umm... i mean pay well!'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'OJ is guilty'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'Pay me :)'.

Mystical gossips (in common), 'why dont you just send out jury duty letters?'.

(the pre-trail hearing commences)
Someone gossips, 'I'll be the judge'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'The Case:  Wish vs. Natilena - Squishy Trademark 

Natilena gossips, 'yes little fish, lets bring this to a jury!'.

Aravan gossips (in common), 'ahh is a squid actualy a fish?'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I'm not a fish!  Round one goes to Wish!!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'now, let me present my evidence'.

Someone gossips, 'do you have prior art showing you claimed squishy before 
Natilena did?'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'Yes!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I do!'.

Someone gossips, 'do you contest his claim Natilena?'.

Natilena gossips, 'yup!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'bah!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I shall present my evidence!'.

Wish gossips (in common), '1.  The first indication that Natilena even existed 
is Cordir's Time Line, 10/19/01!!'.

Natilena gossips, 'I have been squishy for much longer than any fish!'.

Natilena gossips, 'and I am older than Cordir's timeline!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I, however predate that entry!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'impossible!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'that would mean you predate TFC!'

Someone gossips, 'your getting ahead of yourself Wish'.

Someone gossips, 'we hear no evidence here'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'we dont?'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'when do i present evidence?'.

Nail gossips (in common), 'This is opening statements, u present your case but 
not any evidence.'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'ahhh'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'okay, here is my opening statement'.

Someone gossips, 'very well, both parties will meet back when they have had ample 
time for evidence collection and interviews with those can co-oberate the claims'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'but wait!'.

Aravan gossips (in common), 'who is running the trial?'.

Someone gossips 'opening statements are given at the trial'.

Mystical gossips (in common), 'objection!'.

Someone gossips, 'we need to select a jurty first'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'How about what was formerly the Elven mafia? There 
was exactly 12 of us.'.

Aravan gossips (in common), 'who cares?'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I move that Natilena be restricted from using Squishy 
until my claims have been satisfied!'.

Aravan gossips (in common), 'I would second that'.

Natilena gossips, 'I move that Wish looks like a fish!'.

Someone gossips, 'this hearing is dismissed until both parties post notes saying 
they are ready to present their case'.

Aravan gossips (in common), 'unless natilena ran around naked so we could see if 
she was really squishy'.

Aravan gossips (in common), 'or at least like clue used to do.. in that little white 
robe in the swimming hole'.

Someone gossips, 'be prepared to have someone represent you, or be able to represent 

Wish gossips (in common), 'I choose Mael!'.

Natilena gossips, 'yay!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'oh wait'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I change my mind'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I choose the Arch Lich!'.

Aravan shouts (in common), 'PRAISE LORD NASH!!!!!!!!!'.

Wish shouts (in common), 'PRAISE LORD NASH!!!'.

Wish shouts (in common), 'HAIL THE ARCH LICH!! LEADER OF ALL FOUL SEPIODS!!'.

Aravan shouts (in common), 'PRAISE BE TO THE ARCH_LICH!!!!!!!!!!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'Personally, I can't see how Natilena could make such a 
claim...she doesn't even know what a fish is'.

Natilena gossips, 'you will know my side at the trail.. I will meet you then'.

Aravan gossips (in common), 'which trail?>'.

Aravan gossips (in common), 'how he gonna find a random trail?'.

Natilena gossips, 'trial trail.. either way.. he'll be there to lose'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'No way!'.

Aravan gossips (in common), 'I think it will come down to both getting naked and 
comparing squishness'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'i will certainly win then'.

Aravan gossips (in common), 'shiver'.

Someone gossips, 'the scope of that will be decided later'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'you know, when i asked for a trial, i was hoping for 
something more know, something I could manipulate easily here and 

Someone gossips, 'is it who is more squishy, or who first used the term'.

Natilena gossips, 'welcome to the legal system'.

Azeworai gossips (in elven), 'uhh your in the US, trials take years to go thru'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I am clearly more squishy...'.

Nail gossips (in common), 'Is it merely a debate on squishyness or a violation of 
trade marked adjectives?'.

Someone gossips, 'there is no trademark rules here'.

Natilena gossips, 'I wouldn't try to claim to be more squisy.. I am just squishy and 
have held the title longer'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'Aha!!'.

Someone gossips, 'it is a debate on who held the term first'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'False adverstisement!'.

Azeworai gossips (in elven), 'nati held term first'.

Isolas gossips (in common), 'I'm gonna hafta side with Wish on this one.'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'AHA!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I am more squishy, and I used the term first!'.

Someone gossips, 'that will be decided later'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I am ready to present my evidence!'.

Someone gossips, 'prepare yourself and post notes when you are ready'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'my note is posted!'.
Wish: Trial of the Century: Wish vs. Natilena
Thu Jul 10 10:27:12 2003
To: all
I am ready to go to trial!
Wish gossips (in common), 'wow...nicholai is here..'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'did hell freeze over?'.

Azeworai gossips (in elven), 'he gonna be witness for natilena'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'no way'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'really?'.
Azeworai gossips (in elven), 'yep'.
Azeworai gossips (in elven), 'lol, i dunno'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'i better find me a good witness then'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'someone who takes coaching real good'.

Someone gossips, 'be prepared to select a jury'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'i am prepared'.

Someone gossips, 'not now, when you are both ready'.
Krosan gossips (in common), 'oooooooooo! a jury! I wanna be the judge!'.

Someone gossips, 'I am the judge'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'we already have a judge'.
Dundrave gossips (in common), 'who are you?'.
Krosan gossips (in common), 'awwww nutz'.

Someone gossips, 'Someone, :)'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'hehe.. so like any immortal?'.
Lanfear gossips (in drow), 'can I be a guard.. with a just on everyone?'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'darn! i wanted to be the balif'.
Lanfear gossips (in drow), 'that's Misty's job'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'can i be the judical aid?'.

Krosan gossips (in common), '*whisper* gulity!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'wait a second...what if Natilena never decides she is 
ready to go to trial??'.

Lanfear gossips (in drow), 'hehe.. now THAT would be SQUISHY!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'I motion we put a time limit on pre trial motions!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'And I motion that the trial begin within 1 hour!'.

Someone gossips, 'motions denied'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'bah!'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'How can I get judicial satisfaction if Nati just delays 
the trial indefinately?'.
Lania gossips (in common), 'Geeze this is worse than Judge Judy'.
Azeworai gossips (in elven), 'thats us law for u'.

Someone gossips, 'she is preparing, not stalling'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'I motion for a change of venue!'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'just be glad that she doesn't have a gavel'.
Lanfear gossips (in drow), 'OBJECTION!'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'I would like to make a motion'.

Someone gossips, 'it will not be held in either of your hometowns, so that is not 
a concern'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'I was hoping to relocate it to someplace under water....
amongst the true squishies!'.

Lanfear gossips (in drow), 'yeah.. no spell.. dark room.. the one who lives longest.. 
Someone gossips, 'You are getting ahead of the judge's decision!'.
Wish gossips (in common), 'okay'.

Someone gossips, 'this is not who is "squishier" but who has the right to first claim 
to the terms usage'.

Dundrave gossips (in common), 'hehe what are you talkin about?'.

Krosan gossips (in common), 'why don't you just flip a coin'

Wish gossips (in common), 'Your honor, I aver that the two are inextricably related!'.

Someone gossips, 'court is not in session, present the case when it is'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'hurry up nati!'.

Someone gossips, 'we will have the trial by the magistrate'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'no'.

Someone gossips, 'at a later date'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'okay'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'how many potential jurors can each side disqualify?'.

Someone gossips, 'there will be another hearing before the trial, and before jury 
selection, something needs to be decided'.

Someone gossips, 'actually, we can do that now'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'i am ready'.

Someone gossips, 'do you both agree to be bound by the juries decision? the result 
will be that one of you will no longer have claim to the term'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'so i will no longer be allowed to use squishy if I lose?'.

Wish gossips (in common), 'and the same goes for nati?'.

Natilena arrives from a puff of smoke.
Wish arrives from a puff of smoke.

The Court of Inquiry
[Exits: south]
Black curtains cover the north wall behind the long raised credenza where 
the Magistrate sits when conducting his investigation. Before it stand the 
accused, awaiting their fate.
(Invis) (Dark Red Aura) Wish is here.
(Intense Light Green Aura) Natilena is here.

Someone grins happily.

Someone says, 'thats something for you to decide'.

Natilena giggles.

Someone says, 'since both of you are effected'.

Wish says (in common), 'i motion we each be allowed to disqualify 5 potential jurors'.

Someone says, 'you can be barred from claiming first usage, or not being able to use 
the term at all'.

Wish says (in common), 'for any reason of our choosing'.

Wish says (in common), 'hmmm'.

Wish says (in common), 'ohh'.

Wish says (in common), 'wait a second'.

Wish says (in common), 'I am the person bring the suit'.

Wish says (in common), 'therefore I get to say what I am suing for'.

Natilena nods in recognition to Wish.

Natilena says, 'Id say so'.

Wish says (in common), 'natilena can choose to defend herself, or settle out of 
court, or choose no contest'.

Someone says, 'you both agree to it or no trial, it ends before it begins, since it 
affects both of you'.

Wish frowns.

Wish says (in common), 'my suit is as follows:'.

Someone says, 'which do you choose?'.

Wish says (in common), 'I was the first to use the term *squishy squishy*'.

Someone says, 'that is not applicable to what we are deciding here'.

Wish says (in common), 'oh'.

Wish sighs loudly.

Natilena giggles.

Natilena says, 'I was the original squishy mage'.

Someone says, 'that is for the trial'.

Someone says, 'so, the question'.

Natilena says, 'that is all I claim'.

Wish says (in common), 'wait a second'.

Natilena laughs.

Someone says, 'do you wish to have the rights to saying first usage of the term?'.

Someone says, 'or not using it at all'.

Wish says (in common), 'hmmm...'.

Wish says (in common), 'this is difficult'.

Natilena patiently twiddles her thumbs.

Someone says, 'he saw we were in session and left'.

Wish nods.

Wish says (in common), 'I drop my suit'.

Someone rolls his eyes.

Natilena says, 'awwww!'.

Wish says (in common), 'i change my mind'.

Natilena says, 'and I was almost prepared too!'.

Someone says, 'and I was so looking for this to go to trial'.

Wish says (in common), 'i'm suing her for something else now'.

Natilena laughs.

Natilena says, 'hope this doesn't change my research'.

Someone says, 'do you wish to counter sue for damages Natilena?'.

Wish says (in common), 'i am going to counter counter sue'.

Someone says, 'for a frivilous suit against her?'.

Natilena says, 'defimation of character might be an appropriate charge'.

Wish says (in common), 'a suit can only be frivilous if it goes to trial :)'.

Natilena says, 'I belive my honesty was called into question'.

Someone says, 'and court costs'.

Someone says, 'be prepared and do not wast the courts time'.

Wish says (in common), 'wait a second'.

Natilena patiently twiddles her thumbs.

Wish says (in common), 'you can't charge someone just because they drop their suit'.

Wish says (in common), 'dropping a suit is allowed'.

Someone says, 'annoying the judge before trial'.

Someone says, 'is not so smart'.

Someone winks suggestively.

Someone says, 'but Wish has a point'

Wish nods.

Someone says, 'what is your new claim'.

Someone says, 'or complaint rather'.

Wish says (in common), 'my new claim is that not only did I first use the term, but 
I am squishier and that usage of the term and ones squishyness go hand in hand!'.

Wish says (in common), 'so, basically, she is not squishy, and should not use 
the term!'.

Someone says, 'swuishy is not easily defined, it is subjective'.

Wish says (in common), 'i think not'.

Someone says, 'we will only deal with something that can be proven'.

Wish says (in common), 'I can prove I am more squishy'.

Natilena hmmms.

Someone says, 'to you, you are more squisy, to a human, you are slimy'.

Natilena says, 'but i never actually claimed to be squishier'.

Wish says (in common), 'i have witnesses to attest to my squishyness!'.

Wish says (in common), 'aha!'.

Wish says (in common), 'so you claim to be the squishy mage, but you arent even 

Someone says, 'squishy could mean soft also, it depends on how you define it, that's 
the problem'.

Wish says (in common), 'hmmm....'.

Someone says, 'so, we will decide who had first right to using the term'.

Natilena hmmms.

Wish nods.

Wish says (in common), 'based on one squishness!'.

Someone says, 'to an Ogre, you both are squishy'.

Someone says, 'he does not see a difference'.

Wish says (in common), 'i wont allow ogres on my jury'.

Someone says, 'he just sees something he can bash easily'.

Wish says (in common), 'wait a second'.

Someone says, 'but as you see, it is subjective'.

Natilena says, 'i was the given the term as an endearment before you were created.. 
my squishiness is subjective'.

Someone says, 'facts are not'.

Someone says, 'do you wish to contest first usage or not?'.

Natilena says, 'there are no facts to my supposed squishyness unless the one that 
called me such can be brought back'.

Wish says (in common), 'wait, something that is bones and flesh is certainly not as 
squishy as something that is just flesh, right?'.

Someone patiently twiddles his thumbs.

Wish says (in common), 'yes, i contest it'.

Someone says, 'ok'.

Wish says (in common), 'i think we should settle this now'.

Someone says, 'so back to the first qyestion'.

Wish says (in common), 'i motion to bypass a jury trial'.

Wish says (in common), 'and just have the judge judge now'.

Someone says, 'I have a prior comittment that precludes this being settled now'.

Wish rolls his eyes.

Someone says, 'and we need a jury for it to be impartial'.

Natilena giggles.

Natilena might have to do real work soon too.

Wish says (in common), 'but i am going to bribe any jury we will that 
be impartial?'.

Wish says (in common), 'i've already paid off witnesses'.

Someone says, 'you will be held in contempt of court'.

Someone says, 'you do not want that'.

Natilena giggles.

Wish says (in common), 'you will have to prove it in another trial, though'.

Someone says, 'any juror found out to be bribed will be removed'.

Wish says (in common), 'do you really want to go through this again?'.

Natilena laughs.

Someone says, 'and you will have a less sympatetic jury'.

Natilena giggles.

Wish says (in common), 'don't underestimate the desire for the average juror to 
be bribed'.

Wish says (in common), 'they flock to me like ticks'.

Someone says, 'as I said, if they are, they will be removed'.

Someone says, 'your case will go badly if it is comprised only of jurors selected 
by Natilena'.

Natilena whistles a little tune to herself.

Wish says (in common), 'we shall see'.

Someone says, 'though you both agree to the whole jury'.

Wish says (in common), 'lets wait until juror selection begins'.

Wish says (in common), 'okay, if I win, then Nati can no longer claim she first 
used the term squishy'.

Wish says (in common), 'and if I lose, then I can no longer make that claim'.

Wish says (in common), 'agreed?'.

Natilena says, 'so it is only first use'.

Natilena says, 'agreed'.

Wish says (in common), 'and!'.

Wish says (in common), 'the second phase shall determine who is more squishy'.

Someone says, 'there is no and'.

Someone chuckles, evidently amused.

Someone says, 'that would be a long trial'.

Someone snickers softly.

Someone says, 'prepare your cases and we will re-convene at a later date to be 
set soon'.

Wish says (in common), 'at which point if I am found to be more squishy, I will 
then sue Nati for false advertisement'.

Wish bows deeply.

Natilena grins mischievously.

Wish says (in common), 'one more thing'.

Wish says (in common), 'I want to depose all nati's witnesses'.

Wish says (in common), 'and she can depose mine'.

Natilena hmmms.

Someone says, 'only in person will be allowed'.

Someone says, 'as it cannot be rebuted in a timely manner'.

Someone says, 'if you mean interview'.

Wish nods.

Wish says (in common), 'i do'.

Someone says, 'thats part of the process'.

Natilena hmmms.

Wish says (in common), 'I will submit my list of witnesses then'.

Natilena better read up on the process.

Wish says (in common), 'and will expect the same from nati'.

Someone says, 'you both ask questions of the juror, and if they meet your criteria 
for a juror, you accept or reject them'.

Wish nods.

Wish says (in common), 'can't we do it now?'.

Wish says (in common), 'it wont take long'.

Someone says, 'no, I need to leave'.

Wish nods.

Wish says (in common), 'okay'.

Natilena nods.

Someone says, 'and Natilena still needs to prepare I believe'.

Natilena says, 'I will prepare then'.

Someone nods.

Wish throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Wish rubs his tentacles together!

Wish says (in common), 'and I need to get more bribe money!'.

Natilena giggles.

Wish laughs.

The Magistrate arrives from the south.
The Magistrate looks around the court and frowns.
The Magistrate leaves south.

Someone says, 'when Natilena is ready, I will post a jury selection date'.

Natilena nods.

Wish nods.

Someone says, 'then I will post a note for prospective Jurors'.

Someone says, 'so they can be available if they wish to be considered'.

Natilena bounces around.

Wish smiles happily.

Natilena says, 'tasty jurors!'.

Wish says (in common), '12 jurors?'.

Someone says, 'NAtilena you may wish to post a reponse to Wish's note, laying out 
your claim'.

Natilena says, 'will do'.

Someone says, 'I have not decided on how many we should have'.

Wish says (in common), 'this is going to take months'.

Wish says (in common), 'what if Nati and I settle out of court?'.

Natilena says, 'I suppose a juror can't be a witness too'.

Wish shakes Natilena's hand.

Wish shakes his head.

Someone says, 'conflict of interest'.

Natilena says, 'it is up to you Wish, I have had no problem with sharing my squishy 

Wish says (in common), 'hmmm..'.

Wish says (in common), 'how about this for settlement:'.

Lins yells (in common), 'hehe'.

Lins yells (in common), 'more bribers!'.

Wish yells (in common), 'hehe'.

Lins yells (in common), 'check mine too wish ?'.

Someone yells, 'we are having a pre-tiral hearing'.

Lins yells (in common), 'sounds cool'.
Someone yells, 'trial, also'.

Wish says (in common), 'hmmm'.

Lins yells (in common), 'where at'.

Lins arrives from the south.
Someone yells, 'the court, duh'.

Lins shows his approval by clapping his hands together.
Someone snickers softly.

Natilena giggles.

Lins grins evilly.

Wish says (in common), 'okay, since it is unlikely that you will be able to get 
cerebus back to verify your claim I propose the following'.

Natilena patiently twiddles her thumbs.

Lins says (in common), 'good luck'.

Lins waves happily.
Lins smiles happily.

Lins enthusiastically cheers Wish to victory.

Lins leaves south.

Wish says (in common), '1.  Since I was created before you (99) I get to say I first 
used the term *squishy squishy*'.

Wish says (in common), '2. But you get to say you are the squishy mage'.

Natilena hmmms.

Wish says (in common), 'how does that sound?'.

Natilena says, 'created before me?'.

Wish says (in common), 'you were not brought back by tynian until 2000 or 2001'.

Natilena says, 'how do you feel you were created before me?'.

Natilena says, 'how do you feel you were created before me?'.

Natilena says, 'oops'.

Wish says (in common), 'because I have an exact date in my score'.

Natilena grins mischievously.

Natilena says, 'oh I can recall'.

Wish says (in common), 'your score doesn't say the exact date'.

Wish says (in common), 'mine does'.

Natilena says, 'lets use that one in the trial I think'.

Wish says (in common), 'impossible'.

Wish says (in common), 'it doesn't matter anyways, since creation date isn't truly 

Wish laughs.

Natilena hmmms.

Wish smiles happily.

Someone says, 'I need to go in about five minutes, so this needs to be resolved by then'.

Natilena says, 'well I don't really see anything here'.

Natilena says, 'that would make me want to settle'.

Wish says (in common), 'i have a witness who will claim that I was I first used the term 
in 2000'.

Wish says (in common), 'I can also present a log which details my use of the term around 
that time'.

Natilena says, 'and I can prove 1997 as well as 1998'.

Wish frowns.

Wish says (in common), 'i dont believe it!! '.

Wish says (in common), 'to trial we go!'.

Natilena says, 'to trial!'.

Wish says (in common), 'you werent even here in those years!'.

Someone says, 'very well'.

Someone says, 'as I said earlier'.

Someone says, 'prepare your cases and we will re-convene at a later date to be set soon'.

Wish growls.

Someone says, 'for jury selection'.

Someone says, 'then the trial when all parties can be present'.

Wish counts his cash.

Someone says, 'agreed?'.

Wish nods.

Natilena says, 'agreed'.

Wish says (in common), 'agreed'.

Someone nods.

Someone says, 'this hearing is ended'.

Someone grins happily.
Natilena: Trial of the Century: Wish vs. Natilena
Thu Jul 10 14:13:42 2003
To: all
My laywer shall post our status when all is prepared. I shall refrain
from comment until that time.

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