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Tynian: Shaman refresh
Sat May 3 08:12:58 2003
To: all
Since Christoph took his objections to shaman refresh public (on gossip),
here is my response to his objections to shaman getting refresh:

You are making too big of a deal out of it. The spell is useful
for the first 10 or 15 levels. The fact is, unless you already have
friends, it's very difficult to find someone to group with when you're
a newbie, and refresh is a strictly "in the field" spell. It's not
like you can run to guild, get a refresh, and leave again. The time
you need it is when you're out in the wild.

In the grand scheme of things, refresh is a minor spell,
that loses much of its usefulness pretty early in an adventurer's career.
P.S. - Even OMs have it. Shaman was the only spell class out of 4 that
didn't. If you are worried about too many classes having the spell,
that ship has already sailed. :-)

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