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"The Sensitive Warrior"
by Okk Orthrakai

to all the softies at heart :)

I beat myself with sticks each day
To toughen my skin with every flay
Everyone fears my battle cry
I step on monsters and they die

But no one knows what lies beneath
This hero that they always see
Instead of all my brawn and teeth
I want them to see the real me

I love to paint, I love to write
I'd rather hum a song than fight
When a day of fighting turns to gloam
I think of how I miss my home

When my friends are not around
I let a teardrop hit the ground
Am I good enough for this war I'm in?
Do people like me? Can I win?

I'm a warrior, everyone knows:
Tough as nails, hard as stone
But when I hurt, they never see
Not my skin--it's my heart that bleeds

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