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Kaleb: the "Monks"
Sun May 18 12:49:27 2003
To: all

How exactly are do the Rose call themselves Monks?
They claim to resort to violence as a last resort.
You (35) attacked by Rincewind (36) on Sun May 18 03 12:44:42.
I am not the first nor will I be the last to say that the following of the Rose is a fraud.

How many followings must abuse the neutral code before something is done?
Titan: Roses are....Well...
Sun May 18 15:40:36 2003
To: all

Have to agree with Kaleb, everyone knows roses are red. :>
Dart: Roses in this case are NOT Red :)
Sun May 18 20:57:42 2003
To: all
First off we attack any following that attacked US
Darkness attacked us, Sin attacked us Vorax attacked us, Hunt attacked us.
Therefore we will fight them
we are neutral because we are ALSO fighting WarD and snce a blue on blue war
isnt a good idea, here we are :)
If we had a red aura we'd still attack those who have harmed us.... but we chose
neutrality because it fits us better, (Warring with Red and Blue)
Besides, our following dynamics are that of lawful why fight it?

So please stop accusing us of being a fraud cause we "Dont use violence as a last resort"
because we attack those who attack us, and since we WILL NOT sit on our thumbs
after being attacked, it is our last resort :)

Dart, Dragoon of the Rose
Silence: the color of roses
Sun May 18 22:57:17 2003
To: all
hey ive totally seen whtie and black roses.
i wonder what alignment those are

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