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The Quest of the Rings

Below is the Quest Entry from the winning team: Sicarian, Anduin and Ink
Team: Sicarian, Ink, Anduin
Current:1800 FRIDAY NIGHT.
ALL 50 are now answered.
Areas: (25 total, 10 north, 10 south, 5 ocean)
North:(All North Areas Found)
1. ****Trading Post:#1Present, #17Present
2. ****Wyvern's Tower:#18Present, #17Past
3. ****High Tower of Sorcery:#9Future, #20Present
4. ****Ruins of the Citadel:#6Past, #19Past
5. ****Harper's Landing:#10Past, #15Past
6. ****Hovelton:#13Present, #12Past
7. ****Timerian Museum:#7Past, #15Present
8. ****Forgotten Catacombs:#13Past, #3Past
9. ****Aarakocran City:#4Future,#7Present
South:(All South Areas Found)
1. ****Gla-Shorn's Realm:#9Present, #5Future
2. ****Cyrenian Gardens:#12Present, #2Past
3. ****War'loov's Fortress:#19Present, #4Present
4. ****The Temple of Isiira:#9Past, #3Future
5. ****SafeHaven:#2Present, #4Past
6. ****Altibia:#20Past, #8Future
7. ****The Village of Skull Top:#2Future, #18Past
8. ****Sanguinna & The Keep:#16Past, #7Future
9. ****The Mystic Wood:#11Present, #1past
10.****Cillidellia:#16Present, #5Present

Not North/South:(All Neither Areas Found)
1. ****Adventurer's Guild:#8Past, #3Present
2. ****The Dark Manor:#1Future, #5Past
3. ****Tier S'Halen:#14Past, #6Future
4. ****The Isle:#10Present, #11Past
5. ****Velalisier:#10future, #6present

***The Past***

*****1 . Who was the only Grand Sorceress to take her own life?*****

Hoping to find some documentation of forgotten spells, or advice on improving spellcasting ability, you thumb through the book...but are dissapointed to discover that, despite the book's discussion of ancient spells, the text is obviously not for instructional purposes.

"only to find the corpse sprawled over the cold stone floor. Grensht was thence banished from the Tower, his mystical abilities forever impaired, and his spell cast away. But evil hardly ever dies completely, and remnants of Life Drain still exist within the spiritual realm, where they were first
created. Black magic continues far longer than do mortal flesh and will. Only one spell is no longer known by anyone. Dim memories of the
horrible workings of 'Alter Life' are all that are remembered and documented, because even the most evil of sorcerers realize the sinful dangers of tampering with living, thinking creatures. Trenira, the sixty-sixth Grand Sorceress, first developed the spell 'Alter Life,' the spell that would later be practiced and itself altered over and again to "perfection," the spell that would create the giant-kin, the minotaurs, and the wars of race thereafter. She fled the realm in search of divine salvation, thus being the only Grand Sorceress to take her own life. But dark magic is necessary for both good and evil survival. The forces of balance overrule all, for just as without good there exists no evil, without evil there cannot exist good."

"LOOK MAGIC", A Monk's Study, Mystic Wood

*****2 . In the first chapter, who do the adventurers meet up with?*****

After a long, drawn-out introduction, the story develops and starts to describe a group of adventurers who explore around the world. Being faced with dangers and challenges, the adventurers meet up with famous, almost legendary characters such as Nevyn and Merrick.

"first" (an exciting book, carried by A young girl rests under a tree here, reading.),
Ficklenut grove, Cyrenian Gardens

*****3 . How many of "The original 13" were female?*****

Here, you see Maurice standing before thirteen bodies, 6 of which are female. Maurice has his arms held above the bodies, and you can see power rushing from his fingertips, into the lifeless bodies. Below the painting, the words "Maurice gives us life" has been engraved.

"Mural", The Hallway of Creation, Forgotten Catacombs

*****4 . What was the catalyst that prompted the dwarves of the Southern Continent to set up a permanent camp in Linaeoth Valley?*****

"living as nomads, moving through the windswept peaks as the animals they hunted did, camping for times, then moving on. This lifestyle was not ideal, they confided, for they could only work with surface stone, not having the resources in any given area to stay long enough to mine the metals they had so enjoyed. My visit changed that. I offered to trade food and drink with them, in exchange for metals and metalwork. They were quick to take advantage of my offer, having long been barely surviving, and soon set up a permanent camp in a valley they named Lineaoth Valley. They re-learned their almost forgotten mining skills, and soon our trade began in earnest. With their metals, my empire is complete and secure. No more shall I travel the world, but instead I shall live out the rest of my days in Safehaven, directing my empire and perhaps raising a family, to carry it on when I am gone." Jon Keyotay

"memior6-3", a book with 'memoir6' on the spine(in: A set of bookshelves is here.), Safehaven

*****5 . What caused the seas to boil and froth for ten cycles, killing hundreds of of sea creatures in the process?*****

********The Formation of Molotov Island********
***************** Chapter 1 *****************

Myth has it that the island rose up from the sea one day from the fires below what is now Molotov volcano. The seas had boiled and frothed for ten cycles during those times and hundreds of sea creatures had laid dead on these cursed shores

"l chapter1", a leather bound book(from: A large wooden bookcase is along the north wall.)
The Grand Library of the Manor, The Dark Manor

*****6 . What caused a flowering Citadel Renaissance?*****

Trade with the humans, and then the elves, and then the halflings, and gnomes, and giants, causes a flowering Citadel Renaissance. As time passes, fewer Spawn attacks occur, and the Citadel thrives as it had before. The War drops to nothing but the occasional battle, and the One Dwarf thrives now that the combat has gone.

"mural", Mural-Covered Hallway, Ruins of the Citadel

*****7 . Who were the signers of a certificate stating 'I killed Heim 500 times'?*****

This is a wall upon which hang pictures, memorabilia, and other items, all of which were quite special to Coleman. You notice, among other things: a picture of Coleman slaying the brutal Heim to reach level 30, as Kalten looks on, chuckling; a certificate stating 'I killed Heim 500 times', signed by Coleman and the Bazaar Inspector; a painting of a treehouse; a picture of a horrible creature, drooling and tremendously ugly (then you notice it's just a mirror); a photograph of a very young Coleman standing with Kim and Jerald, thanking them for getting his corpse; a ballcap with the insignia of House Veladorn and the word 'Chief' underneath, and signatures from Szordrin and Ozymandius on it in black marker; a picture of Agape and Coleman with arms around each other, smiling, with a caption 'Mages on the rise...will level 10 be a temporary stop
on their climb to fame?'; and a cartoon of a MacColeman's with the store sign stating 'Over 100 million IDs'.

"NORTH", The Restoration of Coleman's Temple, Timerian Museum

*****8 . What was the result of dues negotiations with guild members?*****

Any experienced adventurer can tell you that it isn't always easy to find food. For new adventurers this task is even more difficult. Originally this room was built to feed those adventurers who could not do it for themselves. Dues negotiations with guild members forced cutbacks in the staff and building maintenance so that all that is left now is a fountain where you can still get a drink.

Room Description, The Kitchen, Adventurer's Guild

*****9 . What gift lead the Lost Clan to depart?*****

This story is told in grief and mourning: The Clan Alikatai walked once among us, blessed by Isiira as all are blessed. Many of our scouts were from their ranks, for Isiira had given them the gift of curiosity, which led them to roam far. At last, at last, they roamed too far, and came to think this jungle too small, this life too confining. Though they belong to us and we to them, though they are of the Woronin, they departed. If ever they return, they shall be welcomed with great joy. May Isiira Who Watches be with them always in love.

"plaque", The Altar of the Lost Clan, The Temple of Isiira

*****10. What happened when a god appeared in Harper's Landing?*****

Wesley is Sally's grandson. She likes him, but most everyone else in town just can't handle his constant inquiries into WHY everything in the world is the way it is. Some even say one of the gods appeared here one time and he even started asking him why things were the way they were... One thing is certain, Wesley has an "inquiring mind" and inquiring minds just want to know!

Wesley's Description, Wandering Mob, Harper's Landing

*****11. Who was the last priest of the Silver Lady?*****

Our Silver Lady has succumbed to the temptations of the Dark Ones and become the mistress of their mist. No more will we hear her laughter in our hearts, for by her choice she has severed our love of her as surely as her sword once cleaved the enemies of goodness and light. Hence, we have destroyed this, her temple, and killed the sacred plants that once stood at the entrance. Never again will this room be used, for she has, in her defilement of our love for her, defiled her holy room as well. -Albrecht, last priest of the Silver Lady.

"sign", An Abandoned Temple, The Isle

*****12. What happened to those who read the legend but still weren't prepared for the terrors they found?*****

We barely made it out! Don't go in there if you are weak or not experienced in the fighting of ghosts! He nearly killed us all! Be safe - go read about the legend in the book by Alowicius Took before you come in here! We did, and we still weren't prepared for the terrors we found... A closer examination reveals the note was written in blood!

"note", A Dark Tunnel, Hovelton

*****13. During what years was Ton alive?*****

father, brother, husband
243 YH - 278 YH

"plaque", In the Main Catacomb, Forgotten Catacombs

*****14. Who was Danielo Serrano?*****

Garbed in the amethyst silk and purple velvet of the last costume he ever wore, his dark eyes flashing, the ghost of Danielo Serrano, the Dancing Master, leaps across the room towards you.
The Dancing Master is in perfect health.

The Dancing Master is using:
<worn on body> (Weak magic) an amethyst silk shirt
<worn on legs> (Weak magic) a pair of purple velvet leggings

(White Aura) The Ghost of the Dancing Master stands here limbering up.

Mob Description, The Dancer's Hall, Tier S'Halen

*****15. What happened to Annabelle?*****

A dense forest surrounds you, its canopy filtering the light so that the world seems calm and peaceful. Birds and small animals go about their business, totally ignoring your presence. If only you didn't have that horrible feeling that you were being watched.
The sky is rainy and a cold northern gust blows.

A tombstone marks a grave.
(look tombstone)
The tombstone reads:

Beloved of Chester
Killed by orcs
May she rest in peace.

"tombstone", In the Forest, Harper's Landing

*****16. In whose light did Darkness find true happiness?*****
/ \
: Ybarra, :
: Dark Mother :
: of :
: my Children, :
: in whose light :
: Darkness found :
: true happiness :

"Tombstone", Base of the Oak, Sanguinna & The Keep

*****17. What made a huge hole in the roof, letting daylight (or moonlight) in?*****

You stand in the turret of the eastern tower. A huge hole has been made in the roof by some enormous beast, letting the daylight (or moonlight) in. There is a hatchway in the floor, and an opening to the west leading out onto a catwalk.

Room Description, Turret of the Eastern Tower, Wyvern's Tower

*****18. Whose fate gave birdmen strength, leading the Timeless War to be joined again?*****

Turning the cul-de-sac, the mural shows the birdmen of Aran flying in from above, attacking bat, spider, and Clan. The Spire barely remains defended, but eventually the birdmen are repulsed. Below this scenery is a line in dried blood:

Cat-Kind fate gave birdmen strength and Timeless War joined again

"North", The Spire Gallery, The Village of Skull Top

*****19. What two individuals represented their respective races at the sealing of the pact of Acceptance?*****

Molded out of shining veins of lavender and green iridium, this Orb depicts the first meeting of dwarves and humans. It portrays the Ambassdor of Thalos and the Third Dwarven Hierarch sealing the pact of Acceptance, and the rich flows of trade that resulted from that pact.

"orb", ((Glowing) the Orb of the One Dwarf), held by:
(Hide) An Ebon Young hides from your light source., Dimly Lit Ledge, Ruins of the Citadel

*****20. What old sailor, once rich and wise, was a ruthless ruler of the seagoing folk?*****

A roguish grin and shifty eyes seems to follow you. This old sailor, once rich and wise, was a ruthless ruler of the seagoing cityfolk. He was the last known inhabitant of Old Altibia...Captain Takorn... his soul said to haunt in the night.

"statue", Meeting hall, Altibia

***The Present***

*****1. What do the carved letters on one of the desks look like?*****
(This question had multiple answers. Only this team turned in every single possible answer.)

The carved letters on one of the desks looks like:
"When will this class ever end!"

"desk", A Classroom, Trading Post

The carved letters on one of the desks looks like:
"I hate Adventurers - They must all DIE!"

"desk", A Classroom, Trading Post

The carved letters on one of the desks looks like:

"desk", A Classroom, Trading Post

The carved letters on one of the desks looks like:
"The Arch-Lich RULES!"

"desk", A Classroom, Trading Post

The carved letters on one of the desks looks like:
"Information is the key to success"

"desk", A Classroom, Trading Post

The carved pictures on one of the desks looks like a skull with glowing

"desk", A Classroom, Trading Post

The carved letters on one of the desks looks like:
"Go for the pouches!"

"desk", A Classroom, Trading Post

The carved letters on one of the desks looks like:
"I HATE missing!",

"desk", A Classroom, Trading Post

*****2. How does one dance in the elven way?*****

The elf maiden is dancing in the elven way, all a swirl of silks and scarves, floating on her feet like a dream. You watch, entranced for awhile by her grace.

Mob Description(An elf maiden is dancing to the music.), The Mariposa Club, Safehaven

*****3. What have less than vigilant janitors left behind?*****

This is the room of last resort. If you are weaponless, armorless, or in need of something you can't afford, this is where you go to depend on the generosity of others. Veteran adventurers often come here to unload equipment they can't use, can't sell, or just want to donate to the less fortunate. Be warned, less scrupulous individuals have been known to dump cursed equipment here, merely for the pleasure of seeing the poor suffer. Less than vigilant janitors have left grim evidence that a choice piece of equipment is occasionally wanted by more than one person.

Room Description, The Pit, Adventurer's Guild

*****4. Where are the plans that appear to be in some sort of code you do not understand, to protect against spies?*****

You stand in a well decorated office. A desk lies against the south wall with many papers, apparently battle plans, on it.

Room Description, War'loov's Office, War'loov's Fortres

The plans appear to be in some sort of code you do not understand to protect against spies.

"desk/battle", War'loov's Office, War'loov's Fortres

*****5. What draws its energy from the lava far beneath it?*****

Savah explains about Cillidellia: This wonderful home was the creation of some of our most powerful magic workers. They started with a large oak, melding their spells with it over many years. It now is controlled by the magic user who sits upon the Throne. It draws most of its energy from the lava, far beneath it. This excess of energy makes it a wonderful place to study within, as high power experiments can be performed that would otherwise require many magic users. Many Elves are uncomfortable living in the charged atmosphere though, and instead live in the Cillidellian WOOD.

"cillidellia", Savah's Grotto, Cillidellia

*****6. What does a small cave lizard cling to like glue?*****

This is the oddest looking creature you have seen in a long time. It is four-legged and bony with an elongated neck. Out of a very toothy maw dangles a long tongue that resembles a cord. Bits of rock and dust, and a small cave lizard cling to that cord like glue, as it slowly retracts towards the waiting jaws.
A cave fisher is in perfect health.

Mob Description, cave fisher, Velalisier


*****7. Where has an organization secretly been built against the the corrupt commanders of the southern stronghold?*****

The bitter revolutionary is plotting to overthrow his corrupt government. He has been secretly flying about building an organization against the corrupt commanders of the southern stronghold. He feels that most Aarakocrans were much better off before merchant outsiders corrupt Aarakocran ideals. You represent such a threat, and you can see his eyes smoldering with inner hatred.

Mob Description, (revolutionary), A revolutionary plots the overthrow of his corrupt government., Small level area on the cliff face, Aarakocran City

*****8. What should you check out if you are looking for the shady side of the street?*****

The cloaked dwarf looks at you carefully.
The cloaked dwarf says 'If you're looking for the shady side of the
street, check out Angar's, on the north side of the alley, west of here'.
The cloaked dwarf says 'He can speed you on your way'.

Mob Description, (A cloaked dwarf sits in the corner, watching and listening to the conversations.), The Drunken Duergar, Dwarvenhold

*****9. What is the first rule of mine safety?*****

Kriltin was once a miner, until he grew tired of the smell of stone dust. But he still wanted to make a contribution to society and the clan council honored him with this important job. Mine safety is an important aspect of life in the realm, and Kriltin takes teaching it seriously. Discipline is the first rule of mine safety, and he stresses it in everything, including the way he expects students to act. Few students are ever foolish enough to get out of line in his class...and those that do, do so only once.
Kriltin's Description, The Gla-Shorn School of Mine Safety, Gla-Shorn's Realm

*****10. Who asks that upon returning to the Adventurers' Guild you place all equipment you cannot use in the pit, so that the less fortunate may
partake of it?*****

Attention Giants!
His holiness asks that upon returning to the adventurers guild you place all equipment you cannot use in the pit, so that the less fortunate may partake of it. Furthermore, please do not divulge the location of our fair city to outsiders. The Founders travelled far to ensure a life without strife for all of us, and by telling the location you can only bring that strife home, as the home guard is willing to lay down their lives to assure safety for all giants within these walls. Thank you for your consideration in these matters, and may the blessings of the gods of goodness and light be upon thee in all things.

"sign", The Rules Room, The Isle

*****11. What makes Vrakene's gravestone gleam?*****

Vrakene the dark sorceress was buried here. The gravestone is polished and you recognize the sword crafter's yellow oil making it gleam.

"Marble", Village Cemetery, The Mystic Wood

*****12. What makes a place perfect for growing exotic tropical plants and flowers?*****

Rays from the sun seeping in through cracks in the rock formation, along with the waterfall providing a humid environment make this place perfect for growing exotic tropical plants and flowers.

Room Description, Behind the waterfall, Cyrenian Gardens

*****13. Who still has a dagger in his belt, a pipe in his hand, a ring on his finger, and a broad smile on his face?*****

You see a statue of Bandobras Took, a portly halfling with a dagger in his belt, a pipe in his hand, a ring on his finger, and a broad smile on his face. If old Bandobras Took was still alive, he would tell you many a tale about what lies beyond the grey vortex, as it was how he came here and discovered this place. But all that is left of him is the town he founded. That and the legend that somewhere close by, some even say in the tunnels below the town, was where he hid his treasure.

"statue", The Crest of Took Hill, Hovelton


*****14. Who is in charge of the magical defenses of the King, Divad Keep, and Captain Trag's squads?*****

The adventurer says 'Shaman's should look for Captain Carin. She is the Captain of the Shamanic Guard, and is in charge of the magical defenses of the King, Divad Keep, and Captain Trag's squads. She can be found in the Shamans' Wing of Divad Keep'.

"look shaman", The Dwarven Adventurer's Guild, Dwarvenhold


*****15. What is not allowed, by order of the curator?*****

The sign, looking like it has been reglued to its mounting several times,


"sign", By the Spiral Staircase, Timerian Museum

*****16. Where do illusionary dioramas float in perpetual animation?*****

Within the display case is a tasteful exhibit, detailing the mighty magics that the Hundred Elementals used to take living Form, when they became the first Elves. Illusionary dioramas float in perpetual animation, displaying the process that the Elementals went through, choosing gender and features.

"formtaking", A Large Gallery, Cillidellia

*****17. What is one of the proper methods of hiding that is demonstrated*****

(Hide) The instructor demonstrates the approved method of hiding in shadows.
(look instructor)
The instructor demonstrates the proper methods of hiding for his students.
You notice his hands are covering his eyes and wonder why.

A Large Class Area, Trading Post

*****18. Who is the ghastly patron of Gargoyles?*****

You have entered an elegantly furnished room that looks to be still in use! Costly paintings and pieces of furniture are tastefully situated. On the north wall is an altar to Knar, the ghastly patron of Gargoyles. The only exit is south.

Room Description, The Shaman's Room, Wyvern's Tower

*****19. Where do the minotaurs get their information about the humans?*****

You stand in a small room pack with various machines of torture. This seems to be where the minotaurs here get their information about the humans.
Room Description, A Torture Chamber, War'loov's Fortress

*****20. Why has a metal muzzle been fitted over the poor wretch's mouth?*****

Though his clothes are all in rags, you can see that at one time they must have been fine garments. A metal muzzle has been fitted over the poor wretch's mouth, whether to keep him from screaming, or to silence his spell casting you cannot tell. He looks quite mad, no doubt he's been mistreated horribly.

prisoner's Description, A dark cell, High Tower of Sorcery

***The Future***

*****1. During a coming Day of Great Gods, a celebratory dinner will be held promptly at six. What will it consist of?*****

Lord Marel,

You are cordially invited to attend our Master's anniversary of lichdom to be held during the next Day of Great Gods, here at the Dark Manor. Dinner will begin promptly at the hour of six and will consist of a delightful young paladin we now hold in our dungeons.

Please r.s.v.p. no later than the Day of Darkness.
(it is signed with a glowing magical signature in red ink)
-The Arch-Mage of the Dark Manor.

"letter"(a letter addressed to Baron Marel, from: A large ornately carved wooden desk is here.), A Private Study, The Dark Manor

*****2. How will Clan and Clanfriend survive the Age End?*****

The mural flows south along the Gallery wall. The Age draws to a close as cities burn and races die. Aran and Clan forget each other as each simply tries to survive. The Spire is evacuated before being blast into dark ash and debris. Elemental forces and nightmare horrors descend to destroy the Clan; they stop, however, as the Clan Sealer chants the three Names. Upon the Names' utterance, the Clan disappears. Meanwhile, the Realm burns and falls into charnel chaos. Below this ruin is a line in dried blood:

Clan and Clanfriend will survive the Age End only by saying the Names

"East", The Spire Gallery, The Village of Skull Top

*****3. When the People return, what shall be given to them?*****

The book has been opened to its last page. A fine black script can be read: "...and so this time has come. Isiira has taken the human side
from those who have survived the Plague, so that they may live, and I, as the last of my race in this form, have sealed the way into this Sanctuary. None but the High Priests of Isiira knew of its existence until the Time of the Change approached. Then it was revealed as the place where our Final Queen would be put to spend eternity, and where too the legacy of the Woronin lies in wait for the Rebirth of the Woronin, when life shall be such as it once was. In anticipation of that day, I have choosen to remain as the guardian to this room. I shall soon go to Isiira, and then wait in the shadowed realm of half-life. I shall take with me the key to Her Sanctuary, and when the People return, I shall give it to them. Then, and only then, will I rest. --Mazar"

"book", The Goddess's Sanctuary and Tomb of the Final Queen, The Temple of Isiira

*****4. Who will return to visit his cousin the taxidermist?*****

Slash decided when he was 17 years old to leave behind the strife and class struggle in the Aarakocran capital and learn the skills of adventure. He did not return until 100 years later. He now returns regularly to visit his cousin the taxidermist.

"plaque", Temple of the Rising Sun, Aarakocran City

*****5. Whose failure would result in the realm returning to the frozen state it was in before the construction of the Furnace was completed?*****

The Minister of Heat is a gruff little gnome, sparing nobody his terse answers and short temper. But then, it is his job to keep the realm warm. Should he fail, the realm will return to the frozen state it was in before the construction of the Furnace was completed. That responsibility is a great weight on his shoulders, and everyone in the realm knows that, so they cut him some slack. Perhaps it would be wise if you did too...rumor
says his temper is worse than the fires in the Furnace!

The Minister of Heat's Description, The Office of the Minister of Heat, Gla-Shorn's Realm

*****6. Who shall slay the last of the Demon Kings?*****

" There are few creatures with greater capacity for mayhem and inspiring fear than those denizens of the Demon Realm. Perfect expressions of the Wyld, their gifts lie in their brute strength, physical alterations such as wings, horns, etc, and their magical powers. When a demon breeds with a human, the result is a Daemiel - a half breed. A Daemiel generally tends towards one or the other race; they are either completely passable as human, with only their silver or scarlet eyes revealing their hidden heritage, or utterly indistiguishable from their demonic cousins, other than their sapphire eyes. The creation of Daemiel is widespread, usually visited upon either the mad individuals who willingly seek to "adventure" in the Demon Realms, or upon sacrifices made to shunt the full attention of these terrors. " Tradition dictates that no Daemiel created by royal blood should be allowed to live, however it is generally a symbol of status among the higher court members to create entire lines of Daemiel Progeny to act as slaves. The greatest of DemonKind is Ebencaleneezer, who rules the realm with a fist of iron from the Throne of Bone. It is a matter of some concern to the denizens of the Demon Realm that he has not named his successor among his sons - this is usually done at the heir's thousandth birth day celebration, however both of Ebelcaleneezer's sons have passed this age. " It must be said that this is not the only controversy of the current King's reign. His open pact of service to the Great Implementor, Madman, has caused many a raised eyebrow among the Demonic Court, as has his acceptance of tribute from mortal villages near entryways to his realm and his creation of Daemiel. These blatant challenges to Demonic tradition have caused many to speculate as to whether Ebencaleneezer is the monarch referred to in a famous prophesy about the last of the Demon Kings: "And then, in the final days of our glory shall come one who will be the greatest of our kind. He shall stand black of heart, scarlet souled, a ruler but a slave, and his son shall slay him but take not his name or his crown."

"demon", The Librarian's Jest, Tier S'Halen

*****7. What will Sanguinna know again?*****

You see a land unblemished. You see the vampire lord Dracul in his young days, after having just created Sanguinna. You see flowers, and a town of people, allied under darkness. You see the child wemic, last of its kind, bound amongst the people, who love it as if it were their own. And you see peace, and the maelstrom outside that cannot enter. You see hope. You feel wetness on your cheeks, and realize you cry for what was... and what may never be again. And then, you feel hope. And you are sure... Sanguinna will know a better time... again.

"view", The View, Sanguinna & The Keep

*****8. What will be made from adventurers who are eyed with dour suspicion and wonder?*****

Adventurers attempting to travel here
are eyed with dour suspicion and wonder.
We will make a profit from you, be forewarned.
Be it your gold, be it your life.

"sign", Boardwalk, Altibia

*****9. What is the destiny of the many unhappy caged animals?*****

You are in the animal pens. Many caged animals are here looking unhappy. Obviously they are destined to be enslaved, or used in some cruel magical experimentation.

Room Description, The animal pens, High Tower of Sorcery

*****10. What ultimate power will you regret reaching?*****

Mob Description, Myrrhine, Velalisier

You have reached the ultimate power in Velalisier, and regret it. You can sense the awesome forces she commands and have no doubt she can kill you and any companion you chose to bring. Only a mighty group of the bravest adventurers could defeat her. She knows all this and cackles evilly in unabashed joy at the slaughter that is ahead.
Myrrhine is in perfect health.

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