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Cordir: The Quest of the Rings

Sat Feb 8 15:32:25 2003
To: all
I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Quest of the Rings. We had an number of teams who sent in entries, however, the winning team provided the most definitive, all-encompassing, complete quest response I have *ever* seen in all my years on TFC.
The quest consisted of fifty questions: Twenty of the Past, twenty of the present, and ten of the future.
With a perfect score of 50, the team of Sicarian, Ink, and Anduin wins. Second place goes to the last minute entry of Aster, Maimer, & Wistom. Third place goes to the team of Vex, Mael, and a third whose name I can't remember from his tell :-(
Answers were also received from the team of An Elf and Two Dwarves, and Wish, Orpik and Aravan, and from Nitidus, who entered solo and was disqualified for doing so. (Teams only, not solo)
Thank you to those who participated. I'll be contacting Khore so he can give out prizes.

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