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Cordir: in last night's sleep...
Thu Jan 23 12:02:05 2003
To: all who dream
A slender woman garbed in maroon and gold appeared in your
dreams last night. She had a solemn dignity about her, and yet her
eyes appeared touched with ancient knowledge. Upon her fingers,
gold rings sparkled and cast forth reflections of light.

Withdrawing a maroon silk cloth from a pouch, she placed it up the
table between you, smoothing out any wrinkles. One by one, the rings
were removed, then cupped in one small hand. Her eyes closed
briefly, and her lips moved slightly, whispering words in a tongue
beyond your knowledge.

The rings were cast, landing upon the careful patterns embroidered
upon the cloth.

A thoughtful nod from the woman was her only reaction.

Yet you awoke with the sense that her curiosity had been roused of
this realm, and that you would see her again... Soon.


You are hereby invited to a mud wide quest, to begin on
Saturday, February 1st at 2 PM system time, in the
Storytelling Amphitheater. The quest is open to all
individual participants. Teams are not permitted. Additional
rules or modifications to this information may be presented
at the time of the Quest.

The Quest of the Rings will run for one week's time, ending at
February 8th, at 2 PM system time. The quest was written by
Nyx, Faileas Dhan and Triat Master. Any questions can be
directed to me.

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