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Natilena: QUEST? Its the PRIZES? You know you want to!
Fri Sep 12 17:38:58 2003
To: all
If we can get at least 6 teams participating the prize for first place
will be for EACH member of the winning team:

ONE of...
+1 or -1stat to any item of your choice (no god-only effects)
+ND flag to any container
+ND flag to any weapon


Adding +10 mana to any one piece of ONE immortal's eq (not one per team

PLUS the second prize!

Second Prize:

+1 improvement in a EXISTING weapon's range (ie 6-10 can become either
7-10 or 6-11) for each second-place team member PLUS the third prize!

Third Prize:
A restring credit and an "I did the quest" t-shirt or similar item for
each third-place team member

All members of a winning team, 1st through 3rd will also get a quest
potion (3 non-god spells of their choice)

First through third also gets a quest potion (3 non-god spells of
their choice)

Any ties will move to a tie-breaker round that Tamar will set up.

IF we don't have the required 6 teams participating, first prize will
be second prize, second prize will be third prize and there will be no
third prize.

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