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Tynian: New policy: POLICY7: Unauthorized access to or disruption of computer resources
Sat Mar 1 10:13:44 2003
To: all
TFC Rules for Players
Unauthorized access to or disruption of computer resources

It is unethical and even illegal (depending on your jurisdiction) to
access computer resources without authorization. Examples of forbidden
behavior includes, but is not limited to, guessing passwords to others'
characters in TFC, accessing private areas to web sites that you have
not specifically been granted access to, or any other means of bypassing
access restrictions to resources that you do not have permission to
access, whether TFC-related or not.

You are also forbidden from engaging in activity that is intended to
disrupt access to computer systems or resources, TFC-related or not.
Examples include, but are not limited to, launching "attacks" on other
players' machines to disrupt their network connection to TFC, attempting
to intentionally crash TFC or impede others' access to the game in any
way, or intentional unauthorized disruption of any other computer system
or resource.

While this is a wide-ranging policy covering both in-game and out of
game activities, I expect ethical behavior from our players.

Note that this policy does not apply to systems and resources that you
have implicit authorization to access, such as public web sites (ie.
areas on sites that are not passworded or otherwise access-restricted),
or other systems or resources that are not restricted from public use.

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