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Tripper: Open Letter to TFC and the Tigers
Tue May 27 12:33:53 2003
To: All

FIRST - Background

As some of you know, and some do not, I have worked as a Consultant to the
DoD since my retirement from the Army some years ago. For nearly 4 years
my job and commitment to TFC have not conflicted to any significant degree.
I have been able to keep in touch with TFC even while on the road or over-

Since 911 this has become significantly more problematical. For the past 7
months I have spent nearly 22 weeks overseas in the near-east and in several
countries. During my most recent deployment I received less than 24 hours
notice to report for survival training at Fort Bragg and immediate deploy-

SECOND - Apologies to Tynian, TFC Management and the Tigers

I sincerely apologize for my abrupt un-announced departure. I assure you
all that it was not intentional or planned. I have enjoyed playing TFC since
1995 and would not have just disappeared had I had the choice.

To the Tigers - Forgive me for deserting you without notice or explanation.
I hope you have all found suitable new homes that meet your requirements
and objectives. I have served the Tigers for nearly 3 years and you deserved
better from me. I am truly sorry for what happened and how it happened.

THIRD - The Future

My job makes predictable participation on TFC very difficult. I could very
easily be tasked to return to the middle-east with little or no advanced
notice again in the near future.

It would not be fair to the Tigers to un-retire and then have to leave again
without notice. Because of this unpredictability, I will be around in my
various persona, mortal and immortal as time and conditions permit, but I
will not un-retire any time soon.

Any Tiger may feel free to seek personal time with me any time I am on and
visible. I owe you that much, and gladly will grant it.

My ICQ account was hacked and hijacked so I am no longer on ICQ but I may be
contacted via email at if you have need.

Your humble servant,
Master Tiger

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