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DarkClaw: Ode to Tynian
Mon Nov 10 20:05:21 2003
To: all
Poor ol' Tynian, bored is he,
like the Thinker with his elbow on his knee.
He watches and waits, hoping for fun,
holding his finger on the big rift gun.

There's only so much creatin' one can do.
After that, well, it's mortal stew.
A rift and a cackle and all is well.
Too bad for the little mortal that fell.

A pinch of this and a dash of that...
A tail of fido, an ear of alley cat.
Take what's left and roll them into one...
Whaddaya know, a new mob for someone!

Back to work, it's never done.
So much for hoping to find some fun.
No respect, no glory or fame...
Hail to Tynian! May all remember your name!

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