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Skie: NY GT
Wed Mar 12 19:23:26 2003
To: all
There will be a NY GT help at Gallians Arcade in Buffalo on
April 19th. You'll have to bring your own money to play extra things
but otherwise you're fine. The place has a bowling alley, sports
bar, and pool hall in it too.
The current list of attendees is as follows:

Skie, Lycron, Tiberius, Judge, Squall, Skares, Martyr, Lictilon*, Lokum*,
Kerriariadne, Kaleyah*, Kaori*, Dunestripe*, Dundrave*, Natilena*,
Elektra*, Solaron*, Katrana*, Carrie, Herb, Toke, Carnage,
Grimace*, Septimus, Majere, Garland*.

Lycron will be giving out directions shortly. You can email
him at I can also be contacted for questions
and such through here or at


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