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Marisa: phoenix area gt saturday feb 1st :)
Wed Jan 22 12:23:45 2003
To: all
pitt's in town from australia, so of course we have to have a gt :)

It'll be at the Bandersnatch in Tempe, which is about 5-10
minutes from the Phoenix airport (hint hint!) at 125 E. 5th
St in Tempe (east of Mill Ave off 5th St, semi hidden but
you can find it :) The GT starts at noon on February first
and there's a table reserved in my name (Jackie) if standing
around looking lost inside doesn't get one of us to come haul
you over to the table. Bandersnatch's phone number is 480/966-4438.
If you need directions see Mapquest. This is an all-ages
place that serves lunch and has a broadband connection :P
We're also thinking of maybe going to the Renfest on Sunday in
addition, so if anyones interested in that as well post a note
to the forum. As far as who's coming, I'll make up a list if
you'll post a note to the forum or to me here with the character
name you'll be going as.


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