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Xavier: A new stance and A Challenge to the Realm
Sat Mar 1 17:45:27 2003
To: all
Orpik, Levron, and Zephyr have recently approached me with some new following policies.
I, as well as working on implementing it within my following, am issuing a challenge:
Followings should organize a method to discern newbies, of any following or allignment, and provide assistance
to them.
My wish is that the Draoi will develop a nomination policy for people to be added to a newbie list.
If a newbie is on the said list, the Draoi will perform a corpse retrieval and return in full.
It is already an unwritten policy amongst our lower level pk'ers to return "common" level items
I wish to step up and formalize this policy.
So, other followings, take the challenge, take the initiative.
Lets make TFC an easier place to begin mudding.
Xavier, Aretha of the Draoi

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