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Marisa: my timeline & big thank you's
Mon Jun 30 13:11:37 2003
To: all
Let me start off with the biggest thank-you of all to Tynian, for
coming up with a great instant way to get tfc news to everyone who
wants to read it. I can't do more than *begin* to tell you how happpy
I am with the addition of news like that to the tfc website. I also want
to thank Tynian for eliminating anywhere from one to six hours of work
for me several times a week ;) *bounce*

And of course I want to thank the many, MANY people over the years who
have provided info & let me plunder their logs for it, there's no way in
Lleheibwen I'd ever have been able to do without them. And special
thanks to Tokugawa for putting up with all my "but I really need to update
the timeline" whining when he'd rather go watch a movie :P

I'd also like to donate all of my previous years' timeline info (currently
1300 files) to Tynian if he wants it. And I'd like to announce that
I will no longer be updating my timeline as frequently or as in-depth since
my goal of having info available to whoever wants to see it is met with
Tynian's change :) I will though keep putting up odds and ends that
I find interesting (and hopefully you might too), so please send any logs or
whatnot you might have if you want them up. Updates will probably be reduced
to once a week or so, and will not include any repeat info from the news page
except for maybe people immorting.

So if you're still reading, thanks again :)

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