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Dundrave: MUD TRASH
Thu Oct 9 10:55:55 2003
To: all

I am impressed that cheating people on trades has now become the official policy of Natilena and her star following.
I consider this type of behavior that of the lowest life forms.

As you may or may not know, Solaron was trying to purchase an item for me from Jobano
They used Tweedle as the middle person.
Tweedle and Jobano ripped me off for 300k on the trade.
Tweedle was then punished by Natilena for not ripping both Jobano and I off.
Natilena and Tweedle have officially made my list of mud trash.
they rank right up their with people such as Eamon and Zakarious (even though I love Zak)

Think again if you trade with the Star trash following or have dealings with their trashing decieving lieing leader.
If you would like a copy of Natilena's note saying that she fully condones Tweedle ripping off people in trades, I will email it to youl

Dundrave, Tired of crappy stupid people.

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