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Ratchus: Rose
Tue Jul 8 11:30:04 2003
To: all
The Neutral following of Rose - by order of Majere has declared it unlawful for any of his
followers to return corpses or any junk contents.

There has been a movement for pkers to return un-needed items to their victoms.
The Black Conclave has been following this rule for some time now.
I would like to ask all other followings that normally return parts of corpses to stop returning
items to Rose.

I realize that this puts many nice and helpful charachters at risk, but It is their choice to
follow Majere and his rule.

If all followings stick together on returning stuff and boycotting (in a way) the ones that don't
this mud will be a better place.

Ratchus the bard
Majere: Rose
Tue Jul 8 11:31:59 2003
To: all
My following has 3 rules.
The first rule is No aiding Nashites in any way whatsoever.
This includes returning any of their eq.

I understand this may upset some Nashites.

Dart: Re: Ratchus
Tue Jul 8 20:19:34 2003
To: all
First off, You all know that we give lots of stuff we don't need from pks back
we have a rule that was made in the beginning

It states that Nashites will get no help nor receive any mercy from us
from what I heard about this incident, we just lived up to the Rule :)
if you don't agree with it thats fine, lots of people dont agree with our following....


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