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Dart: Nati
Thu Oct 9 13:37:31 2003
To: all
Dundrave watch it, Natilena is a very fair Goddess, her alignment is Chaotic Good isn't it?
That's the same as Hunt playing their alignment, he was punished for helpin Jobano and that is according to her rules,
While we've all been ripped off in one way or another, most people don't attack the goddess herself, show a little respect

I've been very careful not to "offend" anyone in this note, so I assume that DunDrave will be the only one whining

Teluin: Re: Dart
Thu Oct 9 14:31:07 2003
To: all
Hardly a punishment if you ask me. Gold wasn't returned or anything.
Oh and he's level 7 OM after how long? Guild is like his second home.
Jobano: Teluin
Thu Oct 9 15:48:01 2003
To: all
Did zakarious return gold and items from people he stole from? No. So sit down, turn around, nobody cares.


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