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(located at port 4000)

40 players.
Gno [       Sh:11       ] Verdad, Dalhar Noamuth d'lil Veldrin
Hum [    Wa:19 Cl:21    ] Seraph angel of wrath *sin*
Elf [    Ra:13 Ma:15    ] Rhayl the Elf
Hum [      Retired      ] Coleman is the Retired Pundit of Mirth.
Hlf [    Wa:26 Cl:30    ] Fobro,     Scribe of the FoLK -Wyrm-
Elf [ Wa:30 Th:24 Ma:30 ] Nazinthas, Master of the Grey Vortex
Hum [       Wa:11       ] Cytoxan the man people love to envy.  *SIN*
Gia [    Wa:23 Sh:23    ] Clumsyfool Master Brewer of TFC & Master of FoLK Mirth
Ogr [       Wa: 3       ] Kharis the Ogre
Elf [    Lesser  God    ] Myronides Starym: God of the Elves
Hum [    Ra:24 Ma:22    ] Fisrad, Mysterious Magan Teacher of *Wisdom* -=CC=-
Hum [    Wa: 3 Ma: 9    ] Ryen: Strip Search!       Lust/Sin
Hum [    Ma: 4 Wa:10    ] Omar, The tent maker
Hum [    Demigoddess    ] Clue, Lady of the FoLK, Wyrm Incarna  
Hel [    Wa:14 Cl:20    ] Wolfwood: Kindred of the FoLK -Wyld- 909
Elf [ Ma:25 Wa:26 Th:20 ] Ihsahn, Chosen Seeker of Fate.
Gno [    Demigoddess    ] Katrana Bufflekill, Mistress of the Wyld Hunt
Hum [ Ra:30 Cl:30 Th:30 ] Abe Stormreaver: Sentry to the Chosen of Fate
Hum [ Wa: 6 Ma: 9 Th: 9 ] Reggie Sneaky little Warageief of the Rose
Hel [    Ma:15 Ra: 9    ] Eliste Vo'Luna giggling mage-slave, wanders w/FoLK
Hum [    Belle Morte    ] DarkClaw, Embraced of the Chosen, Bound to Garland.
Elf [      Demigod      ] Vorax Bufflekill, Senger d'Veldrin -Lord of Shadows
Hum [    Ra: 5 Ma:10    ] Juxtapoz the Bobble head Monk of the Rose
Hel [    Wa:16 Cl:20    ] Mireya An-Shalach, Daughter of Cordir *FATE*
Elf [ Wa:24 Th:20 Ma:27 ] Salomar, only speaks elven  - UA -
Hel [       Th:30       ] Nyx: Faileas Dhan, Ebon Hand of Fate.
Hum [    Wa:11 Cl:12    ] Sland Magical Hunter of the Rose
Hum [    Ra: 4 Cl:17    ] Minion drahootgniyrter'uoynehtsihtdaernacuoyfi *WIS*
Hel [ Th:16 Ra:30 Ma:30 ] Grale, Astral Guide of the Defenders (Captain)-CC-
Hel [ Th: 9 Ra:15 Ma:16 ] Rolland, with his illegible handwriting -FoLK-
Ogr [      Retired      ] Okk: Lets do lunch. *wink* :)
Hum [ Ra:30 Th:30 Cl:30 ] Thingone, Prince of Darkness.
Hum [    Wa: 8 Th:15    ] Malcom Tracker of Rose
Elf [ Ra:30 Ma:25 Th:20 ] Legolas, - Tel'Quessir -
Elf [ Th:29 Ma:29 Ra:28 ] Ananasi Aleitros: Say "Moosey Fate!" [Taoiseach]
Elf [    Ra:30 Ma:30    ] Grimace, Sorcerer of the Rose
Hum [    Ma:16 Ra:15    ] Chad, who has returned to his youth.   Unity
Hum [    Cl:30 Wa:30    ] Mistyfier, Healer of FoLK     -Weaver-
Hum [    Triat Weaver   ] Cordir, Lady of Fate, oathed to the Stormreaver
Elf [    Ma:12 Wa:11    ] Serene: We do Sinnin' right.      +-Lust-+

The darkness of the cavern seems to thicken, the shadows becoming living things.

A distant splash reminds you that ancient creatures yet live within these depths.
From somewhere in the darkness, a sound emerges:
The beat of a single drum echoes across the smoothly flowing waters.
Your blood begins to stir in your veins, though you know not why.
Another layer of sound is added: inhuman, chanting voices.
The chanting grows in strength, the words still beyond your understanding.
The drumming merges with the words...making them more potent.
With each strike of the drum you can at last make out the Voices...
The chanting grows faster and more insistent, crescendoing in time with the drum.
Sealer! Lolth! Alak-Nacha!
Seeker! Azat! Shan-Regoth!
Sender! Urat! Dar-Golmeth!
And then all falls silent.
Clue whispers, 'Weaver, Wyld... and Wyrm.'
Cordir nods.
Katrana nods.
A wreath of ebon flames springs up from the stone.
It circles Mistyfier, separating him from the rest present.
Shar-Ti turns to Mistyfier, saying, 'This one seeks the highest of honors, yes?'
Mistyfier nods.
Mistyfier says (in common), 'I am'.
Clue says, 'yes'.
Shar-Ti intones, 'There is a means and structure to such things.'
Shar-Ti intones, 'He must be taught and accept the mantle knowingly.'
Shar-Ti intones, 'He must be purified and blessed before taking on such responsibility.'
Shar-Ti turns and faces the darkness.
The Shaman bows low.
Shar-Ti says respectfully (in Thoras), 'The first Ordained of the Triat...'
Shar-Ti says (in Thoras), 'I would ask you to speak. Teach this young one..'
The Shaman bows low a second time.
Nyx steps forward, his ebon eyes scanning everyone in the room.

Nyx speaks, his voice a whisper from behind his hooded mask...
Nyx says (in common), 'From the time you assume the mantle of an Ordained, you 
must always remember one thing:'.

Nyx says (in common), 'You are no long your own.'.
Nyx says (in common), 'Every action you take, every word you speak... they are 
now in the trust of your Worshipped.'.
Nyx says (in common), 'This alone will be your greatest power and your greatest 
Nyx says (in common), 'Bear it well.'.
Nyx bows his head and slips back into the shadows.
The Shaman bows low a third time. 
From out of nowhere, it seems, shadows swirl up, billowing over the ground.
They dance and whirl around the Weaver's Shadow, obscuring him from sight.

Shar-Ti says (in Thoras), 'Blood bears magic, and links us one to another, by 
kinship and by sworn oaths.'
Shar-Ti says (in Thoras), 'Let she who is eldest remaining of the Kindred stand 
DarkClaw moves forward, her razor-sharp fangs catching the light as she offers a 
warm smile.

Her fiery-red orbs flare brilliantly as they land upon the chosen one.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'Not only does Ordainment bring more responsibility, 
but it also brings more trust and respect...'.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'It is a time for more growth and knowledge, as well as 
DarkClaw says (in common), 'I am proud to serve the Weaver, and I thank her for 
giving me the chance to prove that I can be more.'.
Cordir beams a smile at DarkClaw.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'I have found my purpose in life, and I pray that the Gods 
walk beside you along your path.'.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'I offer my friendship to you for support, understanding, 
and loyalty for eternity.'.
DarkClaw reaches up with one hand, raking a single nail across her cheek slowly, 
opening the flesh in a V-shaped pattern.
Sliding her finger over the wound, she traces the same pattern on the chosen one's 
cheek with her own blood.
DarkClaw says (in common), 'May Ybarra guide you and keep you safe.'.
DarkClaw steps back to her place along the Weaver's side.
Clue nods.
Cordir nods.
Katrana nods.
Ananasi steps forward.
Ananasi says (in common), 'A true leader does not seek his position for pride or 
for glory, but for the opportunity to serve'.

DarkClaw nods in recognition to Ananasi.
Ananasi says (in common), 'I would ask those of the Folk who trust Mistyfier in 
this regard, to step forward in support of him'.

Fobro steps forward.

Wolfwood steps forward.

Ananasi returns to her place.

Clumsyfool steps forward behind Mistyfier.

Eliste steps forward.

Cordir smiles happily.

Legolas would step forward.
Cordir says, 'Mistyfier, I think you will find that the role of leadership is much 
easier, when those you serve trust you to lead and to aid, both.'.
DarkClaw nudges Legolas impatiently.
Clue smiles at the support her FoLK show for Misty.
DarkClaw shoots Legolas a scolding glance.
Shar-Ti begins to stamp her foot firmly.
Mistyfier nods in recognition to Cordir.
Shar-Ti begins to chant, the sigla upon her form glowing.

Shar-Ti begins to chant, the sigla upon her form glowing.
Shar-Ti chants, 'Now it sleeps, in N'Kai of Night.'
Shar-Ti chants, 'Now it dreams, til the Stars are Right.'
Shar-Ti chants, 'Soon it wakes, and births, and breeds.'
Shar-Ti chants, 'Now it comes to meet Wyrm's needs.'
Shar-Ti cries out, 'Let the Great Dhole awake!'
The ground begins to shake slightly, the stone itself groaning in pain.
Cracks appear, making the water flow outward in waves.

The octagonal doorway stretches to allow the passage of the Dhole.
Roaring its protest, the Great Dhole emerges from its underground slumber.
Balefully, it gazes about, its great fanged orifice dripping with acid and slime.
Clue steps forward, lifting one hand.
The Great Dhole stills, and bows its head.
The Great Dhole says (in ancient Thoras), 'Your will, Incarna. Bound by you, am I.'
Clue says, 'I bid you purify this one to my calling and purpose.'.
Clue gestures towards Mistyfier.

Mistyfier steps forward and bows deeply.
The Great Dhole gazes at Mistyfier with gleaming, gem-like eyes.
The Great Dhole says (in ancient Thoras), 'Water is the most powerful of the elements.'
The Great Dhole says (in ancient Thoras), 'The sea washes away even the strongest stone.'
The Great Dhole says (in ancient Thoras), 'Without water, life becomes as a desert.'
The Great Dhole says (in ancient Thoras), 'Its ebb and flow bring renewal and growth.'
The Great Dhole says (in ancient Thoras), 'In the Wyrm's name... be as Water...'
The Great Dhole says (in ancient Thoras), 'And with my tears, I baptize you into Wyrm's 
The Great Dhole says (in ancient Thoras), 'Let your past be washed away.'
The Great Dhole says (in ancient Thoras), 'And be renewed and reborn to a new purpose.'
The Great Dhole bows before the three Incarna present, then slithers once more into the 
depths of his home.

Hoofbeats can be heard in the distant, the sound ominous...
Yet your attention is drawn away from the sound by a bright flaring of light.

Ananasi raises her head sharply.

Drawn in a tight spiral by the howling winds of the Hurricane, the light comes closer.
Ananasi whirls to the sound, weapons drawn.

Warmth beats against your skin as the fiery ball of light blasts towards you.

Only when it is but a short distance away is it discernable as a firebird, and not an 
arcane spell.
The Firebird hovers in mid-air, its pinions streaming with flame.
Slowly, majestically, it makes a gesture of respect to the Incarna present.
The Firebird trills (in Aara), 'Your will, Incarna. How may I serve?'
Clue says, 'Creature of Fire, I would ask that you purify this man so that he can 
enter into My service as My Ordained.'.
The Firebird turns towards Mistyfier, its golden eyes glowing intently.
It appears to see into his very soul... then nods.

The Firebird trills (in Aara), 'Just as a wound must be cleansed else it festers...'
The Firebird trills (in Aara), 'So must any sickness or ill feelings in your heart be 
The Firebird tilts its head to one side.
The Firebird trills (in Aara), '... this will hurt. Be prepared.'
The fiery creature vaults up into the air with a might beating of its wings.
It circles but once, then plummets, catching Mistyfier up with its claws.
Okk watches eagerly.
The pair wing upward, Mistyfier held close to the Firebird's body, burned by its flame.

Ananasi continues to peer into the darkness, seeking the source of the hoofbeats.

Mistyfier lets out a grunt in pain, keeping his face calm.
You realize that despite the pain, Mistyfier does not struggle in the creature's grasp.
The Firebird shouts, 'Fire is the most powerful of the elements! Naught can withstand 
its purity.'
The Firebird shouts, 'It is both healer and weapon, renewer and destroyer!'
The Firebird shouts, 'In the Wyrm's name, be as Fire!'
The firebird wings downward once more, circling through the Hurricane's embrace.
Blackened slightly, Mistyfier is placed gently back upon the stone floor of the caves.
Fobro grips Mistyfier's shoulder causing a regenerative light to spread across 
Mistyfier's body.
The Firebird leaps back once more into the tumultuous winds, circling thrice.

With a deferential dipping of its wings towards the Incarna, it departs.
Rolland drops to the ground and listens, trembling as he hears hoofbeats once more.
Mistyfier thanks Fobro heartily.
Fobro smiles happily.

Nyx sniffs the air, as if catching a bad smell.

The air of the cavern goes chill, yet its unceasing movement does not halt.
A silvery-blue shadow wings out of the darkness, pale where the firebird was bright.
It is a creature of nightmare, with lashing, barbed tail, wings that span city blocks...
A gaping maw filled with fangs, ready to unleash its breath.
A Cloud Dragon arrives from above, wings stirring a miniature hurricane.
A Cloud Dragon's blast of icy breath tears at you, making you flinch from the cold.
The Cloud Dragon glares balefully at Mistyfier, then breathes once.

The icy cloud flows over Mistyfier, cooling the burns the Firebird left behind.

The Cloud Dragon turns to the Incarna present and bows slightly, dipping its massive 
The Cloud Dragon says (in Ancient Draconic), 'Lady Wyrm, I, of the Dragons, acknowledge 

Clue says, 'as i acknowledge you'.

The Cloud Dragon says (in Ancient Draconic), 'I am summoned by Your will... and the 
thoughts of this One you would gift with Ordainment.'

Mistyfier nods.
Mistyfier says (in common), 'Long ago when the dragons lay siege to MG, my great 
grandfather fought to protect his family and his property. '.

Mistyfier says (in common), 'My great grandfather was fighting a red dragon close 
to his home'.
Mistyfier says (in common), 'The Red dragon let out a blast of flame, which nearly 
killed my great grandfather'.

Mistyfier says (in common), 'The second blast would have, if not for a great Cloud 
Dragon which swooped down, hurling a blast of wind straight into the red dragon'.
Mistyfier says (in common), 'Say This caused the Red Dragon to topple onto my 
grandfather, killing both instantly'.
Mistyfier says (in common), 'The blast of wind was enough to hurl my great grandmother 
off her feet, but left her with nothing more serious than a broken wrist. '.

Mistyfier says (in common), 'The cloud dragon satisfied of his work left, leaving my 
great grandmother alive. '.
Mistyfier says (in common), 'The awesome and destructive force of the power of wind 
through the Cloud Dragon saved my great grandmother from the Red Dragon.'.
The Cloud Dragon says (in Ancient Draconic), 'Lady Wyrm, is it Your wish that he be 
purified by Air?'
Clue says, 'it is my wish'.
The Cloud Dragon winks with an evil audaciousness.
The Cloud Dragon scoops up Mistyfier with one claw, and leaps mightily into the 
The Cloud Dragon releases Mistyfier, and the man begins to plummet downward.
The Cloud Dragon swoops beneath him, and with one powerful thrust of his wing, whacks 
Misty upwards once more.
The Cloud Dragon shouts, 'Air is the most powerful of the elements.'
The Cloud Dragon shouts, 'Without it, there is no breath. There is no life. There is 
no flight!'
The beast seems to take great pleasure casting Mistyfier about in the grasp of the 

The Cloud Dragon shouts, 'It flows where it wishes, seeing all, unstopped by any 
The Cloud Dragon shouts, 'In the Wyrm's name, be as the Wind. Be as Air!'

At last, the Dragon ceases his game, and catches up the Wyrm's servant.
Mistyfier is returned to the ground, more or less in one piece, but looking windblown 
and shaken.

The Cloud Dragon gives one last mighty flap of his wings and sails off back into the 

Ananasi lifts her head, scenting the air, and shifts her grip on her weapons.

Mistyfier struggles for a minute to stand. But slowly raises to his feet.

Nyx shifts in the darkness, moving one hand to a pair of blood-stained shears.
Eliste looks out across the river and sees a shap coming.

Ananasi draws an arcane shape in the air with the tip of her blade.

Ananasi's monkey makes a warding gesture.

Eliste says (in common), 'Something is coming this way, fast'.

Something seems to be flowing through the water, approaching unseen.

Katrana grins Wyldly.
It comes ever closer to the shore, until it somehow... continues underground.

The stone underfoot is abruptly shoved upwards, and you are thrown off your feet!
Out of the earth, a massive stallion emerges, inky as the Darkwaters.

Its breath bears the scent of the grave, and clots of moist earth cling to its hooves.
Ananasi's monkey stares down, then crawls behind Ananasi.
Baleful, crimson eyes glare into yours.

You feel your strength ebb.
Katrana grins evilly.
You feel weaker.
The Each-Uisge snorts and stamps, its hooves ringing like death bells on the stone.
The Each-Uisge bends its forelegs in a mimicry of a bow before Katrana.
The Each-Uisge bends its forelegs in a mimicry of a bow before Clue and Cordir.
A haunting voice whispers in your mind: *Wyldess. I am Your creature.*
The Voice continues: * Would You grant consent for me to answer the Wyrm's Call? *
Ananasi slowly lowers her weapons, but does not sheathe them.
Katrana nods to the Each-Uisge.
Katrana says, 'I do consent'.
The Each-Uisge turns to Clue and bows its head. *Incarna, I, of Earth, answer Your 
call. What do You wish of me?*

Ananasi moves to stand between Mireya and the Each-Uisge.
Cordir shifts her weight slightly, to echo Ananasi's movement.
Abe gets steak made from Each-Uisge from a saddlebag.
Abe nods at himself; he must be getting senile.

Clue says, 'oh mightiest of Horses, i would have to Purify this man by Earth'.

The nightmarish horse neighs with laughter, stamping its amusement.

The Each-Uisge whispers in your mind: *I bring the rest of the grave.  Earth can 
purify, certainly... with Death.*
Katrana creates a bloodstained pair of razor sharp scissors out of thin air!

Nyx grips the shears tightly, holding them in place despite their trembling.
Katrana licks her lips at the thought of a Thread being cut.

Katrana smiles wickedly.

Shar-Ti snorts derisively and says, 'The Each-Uisge says nothing unknown.'
The Shaman of the Dhole says, 'The wisdom it does not speak is that every element 
has a dual nature.'
The Shaman instructs, 'Just as fire can be used for healing, so can it be used for 

Ananasi sheathes her weapons and lays her hands on Nyx's to help him hold the shears 
The Shaman instructs, 'Just as water can slake thirst, so also can it bear the 
sailor away to watery death.'

The Shaman instructs, 'Just as air ... well... I need not belabor the point.'
Clue steps forward, her eyes intense.
Clue says softly, 'Yet I think, in this case, a renewal of Earth is needed.'

Shar-Ti looks somewhat abashed at having gotten carried away, lecturing.
Clue says softly, 'Even to the embrace of Death.'
Mistyfier grows pale.
Shar-Ti blinks and bows before Clue.
Clue says softly, 'Mistyfier, you have spoken to me of being Embraced.'

Clue says, 'is this still your wish and will?'.
DarkClaw grins slightly.
Mistyfier says (in common), 'Yes, my Lady. I do wish it so'.

The air grows still, and even the waters cease their restless movement.
Cordir closes her eyes, and extends her hands, palms up.
Around the Weaver, a nimbus of light springs up.
It illuminates a delicate tracery of spiderweb like Threads...
Which stretch up out of Her grasp and into the majesty of a Pattern.

The Pattern appears above, below, around, surrounding yet enclosed by the darkness 
of the Caverns.
Katrana grips her blood-stained scissors.
Katrana reaches for a Thread and pulls it tightly.

Clue tosses a warning glance at Her Sister.
Cordir frowns at what Katrana did.

Katrana readies to cut the Thread she holds and grins Wyldly.
The Each-Uisge takes an eager step towards Mistyfier.
Cordir murmurs, 'so eager... always so eager..

Mistyfier looks to his brothers and sisters for strength.

Cordir looks grave, Her expression troubled.

Fobro beams a smile at Mistyfier.
Wolfwood nods in recognition to Mistyfier.
Okk whispers to Katrana, 'Not now...I'm off-duty'.
Eliste beams a smile at Mistyfier.
Clue says, 'We have done much research into ancient lore, as this is to be a very 
special Embrace.'.

Clumsyfool looks at mistyfier..lending his support.
Clue says, 'Mistyfier, do you stand ready to give up this mortal life and awaken to 
another, Reborn?'.

Mistyfier says (in common), 'I do.'.
Clue gathers Mistyfier into Her arms.
Her head bows slightly as She lifts Mistyfier effortlessly to meet Her fangs.

Clue utters the words, 'vampiric touch'.
Clue's vampiric touch maims Mistyfier.

Okk licks his lips and smiles.

Mistyfier tenses and lets out a scream, then falls silent.

The Cavern is deadly silent, save for a very soft sucking noise.
DarkClaw shifts restlessly, watching.

Mistyfier goes slightly limp in the arms of his Goddess, then staggers as she releases 
Twin punctures on his throat drip a jewel-bright trail of blood.

Clue says, 'I shall not be the cause of your death.'.

Clue touches a hand to her lips, wiping away a slight trace of blood.

Mistyfier staggers to stand upright, his resolve firm.
Clue closes her eyes and holds out her hands together, palms outstretched.

Clue whispers arcane words beyond your understanding, terrible to the ear.
A wicked blade appears, its curved, serpentine surface covered in runes.

Abe glances around for Sabella.
Katrana blinks to see a Wyld-blessed sacrificial dagger appear.

Ananasi chuckles, evidently amused.
Cordir glares at Abe.
Katrana makes a quick gesture, granting it Her blessing.

Clue hands Mistyfier this ancient weapon.

Mistyfier wields the sacrificial dagger.
Mistyfier swallows hard as he lays the blade along the length of his forearm.

Mistyfier whispers harshly, " May this blade turn against me, if i ever fail my 
brothers and sisters."

Mistyfier whispers harshly, " May the Three bless my Rebirth, and may the FoLK 
accept me in death as they do in Life."
Okk draws a circle in the earth and places three stones upon it.
Mistyfier whispers harshly, "Vivo et Morior. Death and Life. Eternal"
Mistyfier whispers, 'I die, that i be reborn to a life of service.'
Mistyfier presses downward with the blade, opening the vein along the full length 
of his forearm.

The pounding sound of a heartbeat, frantically fast, echoes in your ears.
A crimson stream pours forth. Mistyfier almost instantly sinks to his knees.
Fobro steps forward and catches Mistyfier up in his arms.
Fobro says (in common), 'Vivo et Morior. Death and Life. Eternal.'.
Katrana grasps at something unseen within the air before you, and cuts it with a 
bloody pair of shears.
Katrana cackles Wyldly.
DarkClaw shifts again, her eyes flaring brilliantly, struggling against the hunger.

Mistyfier releases one last rattling breath. and dies.
The dagger falls from his hand, landing with a loud clang upon the stones.
The Cavern is still, save for the droplets of blood striking the dark stones.
Wolfwood picks up the dagger, holding it gingerly and offers it to Clue.
Okk sits down and thinks deeply.
Fobro says (in common), 'Sleep, that you Wake to serve us all.'.
The Each-Uisge steps forward, and stamps one massive hoof.
Okk pools Mystifier's soul into the circle, then sends it on his way.
Fobro carefully lifts Mistyfier onto the back of the Each-Uisge.
The Each-Uisge takes a step somehow _downward_, into the stone.
Then another. And another. until it, and its burden, disappear into the earth.
Silence consumes you. a powerful chill grips you. holding you in place.

Cordir bites her lip hard, Her fingers twitching in a pattern of Weaving.
Cordir whispers, 'Let him rest in the earth for a single moon's passing...' 
Ananasi listens for the sound of hoofbeats.
Abe puts steak made from Each-Uisge in a saddlebag.
Cordir looks up into the heavens beyond the bonds of the earth above.
DarkClaw steps back to her place along the Weaver's side.
Cordir closes her eyes, searching the Pattern.
Cordir nods in recognition to Clue.

Clue says, 'Now, Sister!'.

Katrana nods, and calls out, 'Stallion of the Hunt. Release your prey.'

The earth buckles underfoot, as the Each-Uisge emerges from the earth, still bearing 
a still form.

Fobro steps forward and lifts the body up and off the Each-Uisge.

Clumsyfool moves over toward the body of Mistyfier.

Wolfwood takes a place next to Clumsyfool.

Eliste moves next to Wolfwood.

DarkClaw gets an obsidian crystal goblet from a dolphin hide bag.

Rolland also moves forward.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'This contains traces of the blood of three Kindred of 
the Chosen. Let our blood help call back our brother, Mistyfier.'.

DarkClaw offers the goblet to Clue.

Clue takes the dagger from Wolfwood, and uses it to slice open the palm of Her hand.

Three drops spill forth into the goblet.

DarkClaw bites the flesh of her wrist, and allows three drops to fall into the goblet.

Wolfwood slices his wrist and let's three small drops fall.

DarkClaw beams a smile at Clue.

DarkClaw beams a smile at Wolfwood.

Clue cradles Mistyfier in her arms, and pours the potent mixture of blood into 
his mouth.

Clue says, 'Blood to blood, heart to heart, answer my call. Mistyfier, I bid you. 

Cordir's fingers fly in a complex pattern, using the threads of the FoLK to sustain 

Mistyfier moves slightly, and you see his chest, once unmoving, rise.

Mistyfier drinks hungrily from the goblet, as the powerful blood within grants him 

Mistyfier moans softly, the pain of rebirth overwhelming.

Mistyfier drains the goblet, but lays still, obviously weakened.

Abe winks at Mistyfier.

Mistyfier whispers weakly, 'My thanks, brothers and sisters..' 

You can see the strength slowly returning to him, and his color returns, somewhat.

DarkClaw beams a smile at Mistyfier.

Mistyfier struggles to sit up, then is aided to rise by Fobro.

Mistyfier turns to Fobro.

Mistyfier thanks Fobro heartily.

Fobro says (in common), 'Of course, Brother.'.

Mistyfier turns and stands before the Lady Clue.

Mistyfier says (in common), 'Lady.. I am yours. In Life. In Death. Your servant.'.

Mistyfier bows his head.

Mireya smiles happily.

Every line of his body bears witness to the change within him, trembling with 

Yet determination puts fire in his eyes, and strength of will allows him to continue..

Clue lays Her hands gently upon Mistyfier's head.

Clue closes Her eyes, and Her aura intensifies to a nearly blinding brilliance.

Mistyfier looks to his Goddess with newly awakened, yet bloodshot eyes.

Mistyfier tremblingly sinks to his knees, his head bowed.

Mistyfier hoarsely whispers, 'Lady... I do not know if I am truly worthy...'

Mistyfier hoarsely whispers, 'But I swear to serve you well and truly, until the 
stars fading.'

A painfully bright radiance surrounds the Wyrm Incarna, Her aura intensifying.

The mantle of light surrounding Clue flows over Mistyfier, imbuing him with Her 
holy grace.

### Mistyfier has advanced to level 1.

who Mistyfier
1 player.
Hum [   Holy Advocate   ] Mistyfier, Healer of FoLK     -Weaver-

Ananasi is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.

Okk smiles happily.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'gratz'.

Abe pats Mistyfier on his back.

Cordir gossips, 'Hail and CONGRATULATIONS, Mistyfier, on your Ascension to ORDAINMENT'.

Grale is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.
Fobro is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Katrana walks to her Sister and places her hand on her shoulder in support.

Eliste smiles happily.
Mistyfier bows deeply.

Mistyfier smiles happily.

Clumsyfool enthusiastically cheers Mistyfier to victory.

Clumsyfool enthusiastically cheers Mistyfier to victory.

Clue slumps slightly with exhaustion.

Clumsyfool enthusiastically cheers Mistyfier to victory.
Grale gossips (in common), 'Congratulations, Mistyfier!'.

Clumsyfool enthusiastically cheers Mistyfier to victory.

Cordir quickly steps to Clue's side, supporting her.

Cordir whispers a soft word, and the light of the fuchsia Thread within the Pattern 
glows more strongly.

Eliste enthusiastically cheers Mistyfier to victory.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Congratulations, brother.'.

Reggie gossips (in common), 'gratz Mistyfier'.

Grale draws a cold, frosty beer for Mistyfier.

DarkClaw beams a smile at Mistyfier.

Serene gossips (in common), 'Grats Mistyfier *kiss*'.

Dart gossips (in common), 'WOOHOOOO'.

Wolfwood is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Ihsahn gossips (in common), 'Congrats Mistyfier!!'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'and you thought exping was fun before!'.

Myronides ruffles Mistyfier's hair playfully.

Dart gossips (in common), 'I JUST made it!'.

Rolland is so excited that he cheers just for the hell of it.

Dart gossips (in common), 'Yay misty!'.

Solaron shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Clumsyfool stands by CLue .. supporting her .. discretely.

Gregar gossips (in common), 'gfratz mysti!'.

Wolfwood hugs Mistyfier.

Legolas says (in common), 'lets do it again'.

Eliste giggles.

Grale bows deeply.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'Gratz Misty.. welcome to the long road'.

DarkClaw snickers with Legolas about their shared secret.

Eliste hugs Mistyfier.

Coleman gossips, 'great going!'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'that deserves a *beer*'.

Grale looks up to the ceiling, his spirit urgently called by another realm.

Mireya hugs Mistyfier.

Grale bows deeply.

Grale makes a complicated-looking gesture.
Grale slowly fades out of existence.

Wolfwood pats Mistyfier on his back.

Legolas throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Wylin gossips (in common), 'Did you get a train at level 1 om like I did? :)'.

Suddenly, the sound of the drums slams out of the darkness, startling you.

Three powerful, overwhelming beats...

The voices join in:

Wylin gossips (in common), 'that was wierd'.

Sealer! Lolth! Alak-Nacha!

Seeker! Azat! Shan-Regoth!

Sender! Urat! Dar-Golmeth!

Then once more, silence falls, leaving you shaken to the core.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'i didn't, my luck went down when i om'd :P'.

Clue nods.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'how crappy is that...'.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'hehe'.

Clue says, 'This rite has ended. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again.'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'horrid'.

Cordir says, 'Go with the blessings of the spirits of this place...'.

Cordir says, 'And may the holiness of N'Kai and this rite rest within your heart.'.

DarkClaw beams a smile at Clue.

Wylin gossips (in common), '*beer* for you too then'.

Katrana says, 'Bah! Hunt well!'.

Abe says (in common), 'One sec, Misty.'.

Ananasi laughs.

Katrana grins Wyldly.

Thingone gossips (in common), 'thanks :)'.

DarkClaw smirks at Katrana's saying.

Mistyfier nods.

Fobro smiles happily.

Abe says (in common), 'I've got something for you.'.

DarkClaw hugs Mistyfier.

Legolas says (in common), 'i wonder if i could portal this whole group'.

DarkClaw gets a dwarven skull from a saddlebag.

Okk wipes beads of sweat from his brow.

Mistyfier nods in recognition to Abe.

Cordir says, 'a moment, please...'.

Fobro says (in common), 'it would be rough'.
Clumsyfool utters the words, 'brew beer'
Clumsyfool downs a cold, frosty beer.

DarkClaw gives a dwarven skull to Mistyfier.

Clumsyfool utters the words, 'brew beer'
Clumsyfool draws himself a beer.
Clumsyfool downs a cold, frosty beer.

DarkClaw winks at Mistyfier.

Legolas snickers softly.

Fobro laughs.

Mistyfier grins happily at DarkClaw.

Okk collects his three colored stones and erases the circle.

Abe says (in common), 'This helm was forged in the Age of your Goddess' birth. In 
Her Honor, I bestow this. '.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'A rather appropriate gift...given the circumstances.'.

Fobro smiles happily.

Abe says (in common), 'It is literally the only one of it's kind. Wear it in eternal 

Abe gives an emerald helm crested by a coiled serpent to Mistyfier.

DarkClaw says (in common), 'Oooo'.

Fobro smiles happily.

Mistyfier bows before Abe.

Wolfwood grins happily.

Mistyfier thanks Abe heartily.

Rolland scarfs down all of his steaks out of pure hunger.

Abe nods in recognition to Mistyfier.

Legolas says (in common), 'ahhh, the joys of never-ending fullness'.

Clumsyfool burps loudly in response to Legolas's remark.

Cordir hugs Clue.

Mistyfier wears an emerald helm crested by a coiled serpent on his head.

Gregar eyeballs Shar-Ti.

Clue hugs Cordir.

Okk says, 'It's NOT never-ending fullness, Legolas'.

Clue hugs Mistyfier.

Clumsyfool checks out the little horsie.

Wolfwood says (in common), 'And now what we've all been waiting for, the keg is 
at Clue's temple!'.

Okk says, 'It's never-ending HUNGER'.

Eliste giggles.
Fobro laughs.

Legolas says (in common), 'all lies!'.

Clue says, 'Thank you all for being here'.

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