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Grishmo: Farewell
Wed Oct 22 03:58:53 2003
To: all
It was fun
From time to time.
Rincewind: aura
Wed Oct 22 06:27:35 2003
To: all
I take shelter in the temple of bliss, she and all of coven are truely allies.
and I pledge to give all my assistance and support to all coven as before
but the blood my heart pumps is Majere's and will remain!
I hold all of the former Rose's allies and enemies!
Rand: Allies of Rose
Wed Oct 22 13:34:35 2003
To: all

I will hold to the old bonds, until you decide to break them. Any ally or friend of Rose
is safe from any aggression by me unless you attack first.

Rand al'Thor, Thorny Rose of the Ashen Moon

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