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Bliss: The Clan of the Rose
Tue Oct 21 15:05:33 2003
To: Majere all

Their petals red as blood
Their leaves full of life.
Protected they are with thorns
You will not touch them.

Majere, one of my closest friends and allies,
my former Elder, I know you have given 150%
to your following and to this game.

I see the admiration in their eyes
Their loyalty to you forever.
I keep them safe for your return.
Cordir: Majere
Tue Oct 21 18:07:57 2003
To: all Rose Majere

Spells and spiderwebs entwined you,
Yet you needed them not for life:
Your vines were strong, your roots deep.

Mockery followed your name,
aspersions cast by shallow and callow youth,
embittered Ascended, the phobic, the numb.

But we saw your spirit, felt the music of a soul
apart from the herd, yet leading the way for the lost -
doors of your heart open, ever loyal, true friend

The future, uncertain: the Pattern in chaos
Threads unwoven, uncut, unbound, seek their place
Each offered a home, until your return


To each member of the Rose : my temple doors stand open.
Come and go as you please, until your lord returns, or
you find another home in this Realm. My thoughts, support,
and resources are there for you - as are all of Fate's.

Cordir, Ebon Bard, Triat Master, Weaver Incarna, Lady of Fate
Ryo: Rose.
Tue Oct 21 18:57:18 2003
To: all
I know things might be alittle hectic for all of you now that Majere is so suddenly gone.
But Star will always be there to help you guys with what ever is needed :).
Just ask and we will do what ever is in our power to help you :).
Ryo, Stardust Mercenary.
Dart: Our old Allies, the Enforcers and Stars
Tue Oct 21 21:29:01 2003
To: all
I will not attack anyone of either of these followings, until I am attacked....I will hold the old


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