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Grale: More on IDs!
Sun Dec 21 10:38:20 2003
To: all
Many of you may not know it, but there is a little
booklet for sale at all the mage shoppies in the realm.
It is just called "a small booklet" and when you actually
read it, you will find that it is called "Etiquette and Mages,
A helpful guide"

Try reading it! It's kinda handy!

Grale, General of Lore, Defenders of the un
Isolas: Mage Respect
Sun Dec 21 11:44:45 2003
To: all
1. Asking us 'busy?????' does not disguise the fact that you want IDs.
It's not a clever way of getting your foot in the door, no matter how
many question marks you put after it.

2. If we're taking the time to type out c 'improved identify' <item>
mark, you can take the time to type out 'please' and 'thank you',
rather than 'plz' and 'thx'. Few things irritate me faster while
doing IDs.

3. If you want 10 IDs, ask for 10 IDs. Don't ask for 1, then act
surprised as you keep finding these last-minute additions that you
just absolutely have to have IDed as well. I generally keep a rule
that after 1 or 2 "surprise" items, I quit IDing for you.

4. Bowing, while perhaps being overdone to the point of worthlessness,
is at least a form of courtesy to be shown when the IDs are done.
Protective spells are also nice. If you're a shaman, GIVE MANA to use
while it's going on. Although I do, most mages don't have a bottomless
supply of mana. Show some respect.

5. Don't just walk in and throw something at us and say 'ID that.'
Asking gets you much further along in the identification process than

6. If I say I'm out of mana or away from guild, 1 of 3 things is
happening: I'm either out of mana, I'm away from guild, or I'm politely
telling you no without insulting you. Regardless of the true meaning
behind it, take the hint and move on.

7. Tips never hurt around the holiday season... or any other season.

Do these rules seem unreasonable? Feel free to not ask me for IDs then.
There are many other mages out there who will do your endless list of
IDs and demand much less. I became a mage for the sole purpose of
benefitting me, no one else. So when I take time out of my game time
to do your IDs, think about the above rules.

Bah humbug. Isolas.

Many thanks to those who posted about IDs, as I have had these stored
up for about 6 months, waiting to post them at the right moment.

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