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Boromir: mages and iding
Sat Dec 20 17:13:12 2003
To: all
some people have wondered why more mages dont id for people......
a couple of reasons come to mind.
Dont ask a mage for ids the instant they log in... odds are they wont do them
Dont demand a mage do ids for you because odds are they will point you towards the id mob
Try using a little courtesy like Thank you or Please
Dont just enter a room and give an item to a mage and say Id that .. the mage may just keep it
If a mage does not do ids for you because of your alignment etc ,, just find another mage
do not yell or scream or threaten etc .... since that will not make the mage any more likely to id for you
Lastly, remember that people tend to treat others the way they are treated

a mage of fate

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