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Lins: Quest
Wed Mar 19 04:01:16 2003
To: all
I'm going to do a little quest for a pair of 3dam leather sleeves.
It's not a difficult quest, and the first one to send me a note *here* on tfc, will win the sleeves
I want you to find me a line somewhere in the mud which is in a song.
Example: the Stereo MC's have a song called: Connected, and somewhere in the song is 'stumble you might fall'.
This is not exactly the same as the line the mud gives you when 'you stumble and almost fall', but that one would be
a correct one.
Now I want 3 different lines, from 3 different areas, from 3 different artists/bands.
First one to send me these, wins 3dam sleeves.
Good luck with it :-).


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