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Wylin: Quest Teams have been finalized!
Sun Sep 14 00:10:00 2003
To: all
Here are the quest teams, remember your team can turn in stuff at any time, but you can only turn in once.
You'll need all the items ready at that time.

Valgar, Mortimer, Hectorborb = Pie is Cool

Fobro, Missfit, DarkFang = Clued In

Grale, Solaron = Not Yet Named

Oook, Pitt = Team OFC

Greaver, Azeworai, Tairee = the Pleasantly Polite Pilferers

Mael, Leif, Lycurgus = Death by Chocolate!

Ryo, Kayura, Tweedle, Darodayos = The All-STAR Team

Wisteria, Barrow = Not Yet Named

Mystaya, Gdelf = Team Boogers

Merkderk, Neodis = Hot Chocolate

Lexie, Indiga = Team Girl Power

Lanfear, Lins = Team Awesome

Saryio (Solo) = Unity

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