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The Wyldess Ascends




Demonslayer gossips (in elven), 'woo!'.

Mordith gossips (in common), 'GRATZ!!!!'.

Wylin gossips (in dwarven), 'Gratz Katrana'.

Tamar gossips (in elven), 'Congrats, Katrana'.

Katrana gossips, 'Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!'.

Tassadar gossips (in elven), 'gratz kat'.

Floyd gossips (in common), 'bow kat'.

Kethran gossips (in common), 'Congratulations, Katrana!!!!!'.

Winne gossips (in common), 'congratz'.

Kahn gossips (in elven), 'Gratz!!'.

Fisrad gossips (in common), 'Hail!'.

Tokugawa gossips, 'Congratulations Katrana'.

You gossip, 'HUZZZAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON KATRANA!!!!!'.

You gossip, 'HAIL WYLDESS!!!'.

The Glade of the Wardancers
[Exits: south]
(Blue Aura) A weathered altar of massive stone blocks rests here.
(Intense Light Red Aura) Katrana is here.

You hug her.
You hug her.
You hug her.

Katrana screams loudly!

You say, 'WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'.

Archangel gossips (in common), 'Congratz'.

Lycron gossips (in common), 'Congratz Katrana!'.

You bounce onto her lap.
You bounce onto her lap.
You bounce onto her lap.

Katrana gossips, 'Thanks all'.

Alyria gossips (in common), 'gratz Katrana!'.

Linkin gossips (in common), 'Gratz Katrana'.

Rolland gossips (in common), 'gratz'.

> finfo katrana

Katrana, leader of The Wyld Hunt, Demipower of the Sword.
Following's self-perceived alignment: Neutral Evil.
The following of Cordir is considered an ally.
Followers may not attack one another
Brief following description:
The Wyld Hunt is made up of individuals with both a keen sense of justice and
need for vengeance. The Hunt may be called down upon a target for a variety
of reasons, with no care as to alignment or race or creed. For those that are
called down upon, it is their time - the Pattern has been Woven - their Thread
is to be cut.

For more information on the Wyld Hunt please visit:

Solaron gossips (in common), 'Kat's website is on, btw all'.

> Okay, they are an ally.

You ftell, 'The Wyld Hunt has been set as an ALLY'.
Kethran ftells, '*nod*'.

Clue hugs Katrana.

You grin mischievously.
You say, 'do you have the .are file to send to Toku?'.

You say, 'Change that title, dear'.

Katrana nods.

Cordir whispers and ya might wanna leave Sol's temple :-)

Gno [ Demigoddess ] Katrana, Mistress of the Wyld Hunt

Katrana nods.
Katrana says, 'Good point'.

> s
Western Avenue
[Exits: north east west]

Katrana arrives from the north.

Katrana hops around. Perhaps she's part frog?

Katrana screams loudly!

You grin mischievously.
You giggle.

Katrana laughs.

You hug her.

Katrana laughs.

Cordir beams incandescently.

You say, 'Do. You. Have. The. ARE file'.

Katrana shakes her head.

You say, 'OKay'.

Abe arrives from the east.
Abe spanks Katrana playfully.
Abe leaves east.

Katrana laughs.

You say, 'I will get it to you to send to toku'.

You snicker softly.

> c sanc abe
> c rift abe

Katrana laughs.

You say, 'just for you'.

Katrana says, 'Thanks!'.

Katrana hugs you.

Katrana says, 'I better sort through the bags I just got'.
Katrana laughs.

You blink.
You say, 'you were given bags? Oh, the mana gear?'.

Katrana stops using a white linen tunic.
Katrana wears a studded leather shirt on her body.

Mordith gossips (in common), 'finally blues actually have a good exscuse not to deal with me again'.

Katrana wields a broad sword.
Katrana wears a quilted cloth lace-trimmed cloak about her body.
Katrana wears an iron buckler as a shield.
Katrana wears the flashy bloodstone ring on her left finger.
Katrana wears a pair of elven chain sleeves on her arms.

Katrana says, 'Which immortals were south, east of TC?'.
Katrana says, 'I noticed that one is open too'.
Katrana sits down and thinks deeply.

You say, 'lemme check'.

Katrana nods.
Katrana says, 'BTW I think that is timeline new'.
Katrana says, 's'.
Katrana laughs.

You grin mischievously.

Katrana hops around. Perhaps she's part frog?

You say, 'JohnPaul, Torchbearer, Plato'.

Katrana laughs.
Katrana says, 'I think I will stick with north north east'.
Katrana laughs.

You nod.

You say, 'then post a Typo there'.

Katrana says, 'typo it saying this is where I want it at?'.

You say, 'yes'.

Katrana nods.
Katrana leaves east.

### Something has been posted to typos.

You [GS] tell Katrana, 'sol worshipped first?'.

Katrana tells you, 'yea, then Mordith'.

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